Autopsy 1 point Heart stopper against Adelaide.

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Jun 29, 2010
AFL Club

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Eat a d*** you campaigners. Imagine where you'd be without AFL assistance.

See you in September...

ohh you wont be there
Uh, that ball missed everything...

Live it sounded like two noises. Not sure it would have been overturned anyway umpires call

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Premiership Player
Jun 15, 2018
AFL Club
Wouldnt say that we s**t the bed in the 4th. Adelaide did the exact same thing to Brisbane last week in the 4th at the Gabba and got within a goal. They just decide to play kamikaze in the last.

We won away, pretty much in the finals now.

Haven't seen such a clean Swans side in the wet in a long time.
1. Well we won. So that was important

2. Our 4th quarters suck. Like a lot. Don't know how we fix it given the instruction is "keep winning the ball"

3. Great work from Heeney and McDonald tonight given the rain

4. We go to water under pressure way too often

5. Hope Papley is OK

6. Hope Amartey is fit given McCartin will miss 2 weeks for that bump

7. * you Judas
that was a poor call by the ump

but it will be the only one crows fans and others go over

ignore the dodgy frees they got in the last

We ended Jordan Dawson’s season like that


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