Resource 2020 Geelong Game-by-Game highlights

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 3, 2013
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Australian Cricket Team,
Couldn't be bothered round 1 as the season was going to get postponed anyways so starting now. :$

Game Directory:

Round 1:
GWS defeat Geelong by 32 points

Round 2:
Geelong defeat Hawthorn by 61 points

Round 3:
Carlton defeat Carlton by 2 points

Round 4:
Geelong defeat Melbourne by 3 points

Round 5:
Geelong defeat Gold Coast by 37 points

Round 6:
Geelong defeat Brisbane by 27 points

Round 7:
Collingwood defeat Geelong by 22 points

Round 8:
Geelong defeat Fremantle by 32 points

Round 9:
West Coast Eagles defeat Geelong by 9 points
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