Analysis 2020 North apparel

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첫 번째 남자 대 남자
May 20, 2012
AFL Club
North Melbourne
yes, according to Mero

sounds to me like it was probably the manufacturer not understanding how the jumper was supposed to look. I've never seen footage of the game where we wore this so i don't know

Strange on the day but really noticeable on the replay. Have you got a vhs copy of the '96 season ?

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Liam Boy

Premiership Player
Oct 12, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Huh. That is strange, the side stripes are too close to each other on some players, and then on Glenn Freeborn's jumper they're touching. It's pretty similar to the first striped jumper we wore in the VFA

Grossy Morrell

All Australian
Sep 21, 2007
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I hate the latest jumpers. I thought things were looking up with no orange, camo, or blue polka dots on the training gear.

What a shame to bin the jumping kangaroo as our away jumper. It was the best away jumper in the league last year.

Canterbury really don’t know wtf they are doing

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 9, 2003
Vancouver, Canada
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Other Teams
I played Ammos in the 80s
In all seriousness, it should be easy;
View attachment 779758View attachment 779759
They won't do that because the Dark jumper has to get work with Dark Shorts and the Light jumper has to get worn with Light Shorts.
Everyone else except Geelong wears Dark at Home and Light Away.
The only way around it is to wear White shorts at Home and have the Away team wear Dark shorts.
But anyone who watched footy between 1924 and 2007 got used to Dark shorts at Home and White Away.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 24, 2002
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Looks like a child drew it on MS Paint and used the wrong drawing tool.
Yep. Just awful. No chance I'll buy a jumper this year to add to the collection - maybe the indigenous one will recoup them a sale... Just no need to be screwing around with the classic jumper. The extra lines make it look weak IMO.


Premium Platinum
May 18, 2012
Back In Town
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Jays, Leafs
Yeah its loose but isn't the point with Latin translations?

For me, personally, its easily close enough.
Yeah there's a saying "The Latin means whatever you need it to mean". That motto is usually rendered as "Amat Victoria Curam", btw. Someone at NM decided to redo it in English word order for some reason.

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