Fixture 2021 AFL Fixture

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Club Legend
May 26, 2011
AFL Club
Can we no longer bemoan who we do/don't play twice etc. If we are not beyond that now our rebuild needs a re-tweak. We should be ready to go against anyone/anywhere.
I won't be satisfied until we play the Ararat Eagles 22 times.



Bush Chook
Jan 22, 2015
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I won't be satisfied until we play the Ararat Eagles 22 times.

Its a sad and ever growing story with regional towns dying, its a fact you probably won't change without sustainable population growth in the outlier townships.


Jun 4, 2006
Elwood FFS
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Collingwood game really becomes a key to our season. Get that win and we open the chances of going into Port at the G being 3-1. With that sort of positive momentum Port and Brisbane games in Melbourne and the season could be off to a bloody hot start!
One game a key to our season? Please......


#freeWelly #freeDele
Feb 1, 2010
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One game a key to our season? Please......
Lose that pies game and we go into Freo 0-2 and a must win game. Lose that and you know the track record of sides who start 0-3

Win it and like I said 4-2 becomes very gettable going into some very winnable games.

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All Australian
Nov 3, 2020
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It sucks that we aren't playing a bottom 4 side twice, but I'm still quite happy with our fixture. Excluding Port, all the teams we play interstate will be somewhat easy to beat and although the start of the year will be difficult, we should be able to cruise towards the top 8 in the back end of the year. Overall, very satisfied with our fixture.

Next year, I expect 13 wins minimum from us.

22 total games - 4 comfortable (30 point plus) losses (usually to a top 4 side or the rare choke e.g. the Hawthorn game this year) = 18. Out of the 18 games left, I expect to win around 75% of them and lose the remaining 25% due to the occasional and unfortunate loss by a small margin. 18 * 0.75 = 13.5, so 13 wins seems like a good figure to aim towards.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 21, 2007
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1. Thursday 18 MarchRichmond (Away)MCG (7:25pm)
2. Thursday 25 MarchCollingwood (Home)MCG (7:20pm)
3. Sunday 4 AprilFremantle (Home)Marvel Stadium (3:20pm)
4. Saturday 10 AprilGold Coast (Away)Metricon Stadium (7:25pm)
5. Saturday 17 AprilPort Adelaide (Home)MCG (7:25pm)
6. Saturday 24 AprilBrisbane Lions (Home)Marvel Stadium (7:25pm)
7. Friday 30 April - Sunday 2 MayEssendon (Away)MCG
8. Friday 7 May - Sunday 9 MayWestern Bulldogs (Away)Marvel Stadium
9. Friday 14 May - Sunday 16 MayMelbourne (Away)MCG
10. Friday 21 May - Sunday 23 MayHawthorn (Home)MCG
11. Friday 28 May - Sunday 30 MaySydney (Away)SCG
12. Friday 4 June - Sunday 6 JuneWest Coast (Home)MCG
13. Thursday 10 June - Monday 14 JuneBYE
14. Thursday 17 June - Sunday 20 JuneGreater Western Sydney (Away)GIANTS Stadium
15. Thursday 24 June - Sunday 27 JuneAdelaide (Home)Marvel Stadium
16. Thursday 1 July - Sunday 4 JulyFremantle (Away)Optus Stadium
17. Friday 9 July - Sunday 11 JulyGeelong (Home)MCG
18. Friday 16 July - Sunday 18 JulyCollingwood (Away)MCG
19. Friday 23 July - Sunday 25 JulyNorth Melbourne (Home)Marvel Stadium
20. Friday 30 July - Sunday 1 AugustSt Kilda (Away)Marvel Stadium
21. Friday 6 August - Sunday 8 AugustGold Coast (Home)Marvel Stadium
22. Friday 13 August - Sunday 15 AugustPort Adelaide (Away)Adelaide Oval
23. Friday 20 August - Sunday 22 AugustGreater Western Sydney (Home)Marvel Stadium
This is a great draw for us, it really is. We should have no complaints at all.

Collingwood, Freo, GC

*, Bulldogs, Melbourne, Hawks, Sydney

GWS, Crows, Freo

Collingwood, Norf, St Kilda, Gold Coast

I would consider the above blocks of fixtures to be very generous. Richmond/Filth, Port/Brisbane and Geelong/Filth are literally the only times we play two top 8 sides from 2020 in consecutive rounds and the Filth don’t scare me and they show up twice.


Flying Scotsman
Sep 24, 2002
AFL Club
What a great draw.

Get GWS and Pies twice who are likely to be more vulnerable than in recent years. No Geel, Rich, West Coast or Bris twice - and play Lions/Eagles only in Vic and Geelong is our home game.

Travel is limited and a good run home except Port in Adelaide.

If we can't make finals on the back of that, we should be disappointed.
Well said.
More or less my thoughts as well.


Sep 30, 2018
AFL Club
Great fixture, anything could happen...
MCG undefeated...
Interstate undefeated...
Marvel Stadium sucks big time, time too take charge...
Undefeated up until the bye, reassess, rest and manage for premiership tilt...
WIN Rd1, anything’s possible...
Work breakup, beers flowing, happy days, One crazy f’kn year GO BLUES... 2021...

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