List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Academy, Contracts, Trading & Draft

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Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
Some more trade and draft resources. Courtesy of Lore.

Key Off-Season Dates
This is a comprehensive list including dates for draft combines, list lodgements, delisted free agency windows and return to train dates. I had to collate these from three different club websites because the AFL is lazy af and doesn't have it on their website, so thought it might be helpful to share:



Grand Final

Saturday September 25

Draft Combine – Vic Country
Friday October 1

Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agency Window
Friday October 1 – Friday October 8

Delisted Free Agency Window 1
Wednesday October 3 - Friday October 15

Trade Period (picks and players)
Monday October 4 (9am) – Wednesday October 13 (7.30pm)

Draft Combines (States and Regions)
VM: Saturday October 9 (tbc)
Qld: Sunday October 10
Tas: Monday October 11
SA: Saturday October 16
WA: Sunday October 17
NSW & ACT: tbc
NT: will join SA or Qld

Trade Period (picks only)
Monday October 18 – Monday November 15

List Lodgement 1
Friday October 29

Delisted Free Agency Window 2
Wednesday November 3 – Tuesday November 9

List Lodgement 2 (Final date for primary list delistings)
Wednesday November 10

Delisted Free Agency Window 3
Thursday November 11 – Monday November 15

AFL Pre-Season Commences (First to fourth year players)
Monday November 22

National Draft
Round 1: Wednesday November 24 (7pm)
Round 2–end: Thursday November 25 (7pm)

Preseason and Rookie Drafts
Friday November 26 (3.20pm)

Final List Lodgement
Monday November 29

Pre-Season Commences (All other players)
Monday December 6

Pre-Season Supplemental Selection Period (SSP)
December - March (tbc)

Pre-Season Christmas Break
Sunday December 19 - Sunday January 9

Draft Order & Future Pick Tracker

FAQs & Resources Thread

It has an index at the top with threadmarks so it's easy to find what you're looking for – or easier than scrolling through 250 pages of AFL Rules, Regulations and CBA pdfs anyway.

These sorts of questions are all answered along with a bunch of other resources made by posters from across BigFooty (feel free to add to it!):

GWS List Summary

Senior List

33: 36 less delisted Shipley & Hutchesson, delisted Wehr (to be reselected in rookie draft), traded Finlayson, plus DFA signing of Brander. 3 to 5 spots available at ND.

1 Phil Davis - 2022
2 Jacob Hopper - 2023
3 Stephen Coniglio - 2026
4 Toby Greene - 2026
5 Tanner Bruhn - 2022
6 Lachie Whitfield - 2027
7 Lachlan Ash - 2023
8 Callan Ward - 2022
9 Ryan Angwin - 2022
10 Jacob Wehr - 2022 [delisted with an agreement to select in the rookie draft]
11 Brayden Preuss - 2023
12 Tom Green - 2023
13 Isaac Cumming - 2022
14 Tim Taranto - 2022
15 Sam Taylor - 2025
16 Brent Daniels - 2025
18 Conor Stone - 2024
19 Nick Haynes - 2024
22 Josh Kelly - 2029
23 Jesse Hogan - 2022
24 Matthew De Boer - 2022
25 Lachlan Keeffe - 2022
26 Jake Riccardi - 2023
27 Harry Himmelberg - 2023
29 Cam Fleeton - 2022
30 Matt Flynn - 2023
32 Kieran Briggs - 2022
33 Xavier O'Halloran - 2022
36 Harry Perryman - 2022
37 Ian Hill - 2022
39 Connor Idun - 2022
40 Adam Kennedy - 2022
44 Jack Buckley - 2022

+ Jarrod Brander - 2022 (selected in first DFA window)

Rookie List - A

4: 7 less delisted Reid & Buntine, retired Shane Mumford. 0 to 2 spots available for rookie draft.

28 Zach Sproule - 2022
38 Daniel Lloyd - 2022
42 Jake Stein - 2022
45 James Peatling - 2022

Rookie List - B

2: full

35 Will Shaw - 2022
46 Callum M Brown - 2022 (Irish international rookie, extended 1 year under COVID rules)
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General Giant

Hall of Famer
Apr 12, 2012
AFL Club
its generalising about a whole culture

its exactly the same actually
No it isn’t. Asia is made up of completely different countries and cultures.
The “tribes” aspect of indigenous Australians is more along the lines of Clans from Wales and Scotland or the “families” of China.


Premiership Player
Mar 21, 2014
AFL Club
No it isn’t. Asia is made up of completely different countries and cultures.
The “tribes” aspect of indigenous Australians is more along the lines of Clans from Wales and Scotland or the “families” of China.
Mate you are out of your depth here

You are wrong

Maximus 2011

Oct 4, 2019
AFL Club
Interesting. Unsurprised by the Mummy & Phil news, but somewhat regarding Jake. I'd tend to agree with dlanod that he didn't get that much interest. Question is, will he be managed as a KPF, or a KPD - and how does that impact our drafting strategy?

With one less spot on the list, I wonder if we'll put#13 up for auction and either pick up a couple of early second round picks - one to pay for Fahey and the second to grab a KPD (presuming Jake is played as KPF and we take Callaghan with #2); or otherwise, move it into next year's first round. Perhaps we could trade with Collingwood for their 2022 first round pick, just to help them pay for Daicos, and for the deathriding LOLs! :cool:
Ohhhh I do like a good death ride and Collingwood will be desperate to get more picks in this draft!

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Orange crush

All Australian
Aug 12, 2017
AFL Club
No it isn’t. Asia is made up of completely different countries and cultures.
The “tribes” aspect of indigenous Australians is more along the lines of Clans from Wales and Scotland or the “families” of China.
More Native American tribal groups who also see themselves as separate nations to a large degree and have had 10,000s of years less to differentiate culturally

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Big Stinky Monk

All Australian
Aug 26, 2004
AFL Club
Sad to see 2 originals delisted, and together with Mummy, will be 3 great clubmen leaving. Hopefully we can have off field roles for all 3 of them. On a positive note, shows courage from the club to make those calls.

I wonder if there will be any more? I thought Hutchesson may have been walking the tightrope - maybe 1 more year to show his body is up to to it?

Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
Respect to both players for their role at the club in its early years, and their efforts on the field. All the best for the future.

Not unexpected, and given the tone of the announcements (confirmed in Sam's case by his immediate retirement), weren't tactical in nature around a later re-listing.

I'm still expecting Shipley & Hutchesson to likely be delisted, but perhaps we're waiting to see what happens with Finlayson and Riccardi. Or just giving due respect to Reid and Buntine by announcing them first. Still Mummy to go as well, but perhaps he'll get a bigger fanfare. Perhaps at the Kevin Sheedy Medal night?

gee whiz giant

All Australian
Mar 3, 2014
AFL Club
Other Teams
the Toffees, the Bays.
You understand that indigenous Australians are culturally diverse right? As in there are multiple dialects and origin stories. Your comment is akin to “all Asians are the same”
I come on to bigFooty for opinions, a bit of goss maybe, and others perspectives about the game, but not to argue or thrash out things.
No doubt the 3 guys I mentioned felt a brotherhood or affinity that was commemorated in our indigenous strip designed by Bobby of the 3 totem animals, the goanna, the Long necked turtle, and the frilled neck lizard.


Club Legend
Jan 26, 2014
AFL Club
Will say thanks to Buntine and Reid for 10 years with the club, both missed a lot of games through injury and spent plenty of time in reserves but strong club players and left an impression
Buntines injuries meant he never reached the heights he should have, slowed him down and effected his development

Interesting that Mumford hasnt been announced with these 2 although he does deserve his own seperate article, appreciation day or he could still be on the list in 2022 being a favourite of Cameron but more so his salary is in the rookie list part instead of the soft cap

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