Traded #42: Massimoe D'Ambrosioe - Thank you for your service

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didn’t even use the gif…

Both Is Good The Road To El Dorado GIF
Shame to see him go as I did rate him and his future. Yes he needs to work on his defensive side but he is a lethal kick and I reckon given time will end up a pretty decent player.

Worst case scenario I still reckon he could be a good small forward.

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It's pretty inconsequential.

Him even getting to the point where he was requesting a trade is of far more concern to me.

Fact remains, media only cottoned onto it mid way through the piece and Hawks offered us a pick for him because initially, they didn't think they could get him through the DFA mechanism.

Clearly, it wasn't as black and white as we thought

Or they offered the pick for the same reason the PSD is often threatened but rarely used.

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