Player Watch #45: Alec Waterman - 100% fit, will play full game time at either level - 12/5

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Sep 21, 2020
AFL Club
That mark running back into the pack & goal won me over as a fan. Gives us a different dynamic with his strong presence & good forward craft.....oh & that trusty left foot cannon.
That’s what I thought when I watched the wafl grand final - he looked a craftsman. In recent times we seemed to have had some guys that are neither athletes nor footballers. The big left foot makes us a bit unpredictable in that he can kick them from 60. Hopefully the club has some decent protocol on recovery for him as post fatigue from glandular fever will need to be understood.


Premiership Player
Apr 22, 2011
AFL Club
I do too. Waterman in the team makes us look way less skinny. Even though he's only one player, he reminds me of a player of that strong Geelong side from years ago.
He’s got some real Hunt about in Josh Hunt. Same crazy thick build and the same cannon of a left peg. Lots of similarity in how they move as well.

In terms of what’s different between them....Let’s just say Waterman went back with the flight yesterday and didn’t flinch.


Premium Platinum
Jul 7, 2014
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Kevin Dyson! Haven’t heard that name for a long time. Good player, very burly.

I played with a guy in the 90’s who I think was his brother.
Yes, burly and played with a lot of class. Lovely kick. Classic centreman i always thought.

Hopefully Waterman builds into a midfield role. We could do with some polish with the football in there big-time.
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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 23, 2016
AFL Club
Given he was a decent midfielder before he got sick one could only hope a few years back in the system could see him return to the middle.
His background as an inside midfielder is obvious when he picked up the ball in traffic and just stood over it to wear the contact, even if he doesn't get the tank back to play full-time through the middle his contested ground level work and ability to kick a 50m set shot has definite value off the half-forward line.

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