Prediction Blokes in the gun in 2021

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Premiership Player
Jul 23, 2008
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North Melbourne
Cannot for the life of me see Dom Tyson on the list come end of this season.

Unless we get multiple injuries who is taking the place of in the midfield group of Cunners, Jy, LDU, Anderson, Polec, Dumont with support from Scott, Phillips, Powell and Hall?


Dec 27, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
We need another cull at years end. Hayden wouldn't get a game at another club , he lacks situational awareness and has poor skills. Bonar is too reactive and not cut out for footy at the highest level. Garner, likewise wouldn't get a game anywhere else either.

Dumont should be traded.


Norm Smith Medallist
May 20, 2009
AFL Club
North Melbourne
tyson- needs to get on the park this year. cant afford another injury year.
hall- least likely of the 4 to go. if he performs like he did last year id expect a extension.
campbell- if goldie has an injury free year and xerri improves (i have high hopes for xerri this year.)
will walker- last man listed. just made the cut this year.
this is my best guess. I could name another 4-5 players who could be added to the list.
I thought these were the most obvious.

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The Anvil

All Australian
Oct 5, 2004
AFL Club
North Melbourne
yep agree with all that especially at the start of the season. But if we're bottom 4 at the half way mark then things may be very different for the rest of the year
That happened this year when things went south. Will be interesting to see if it would impact this season when Noble has already said its about the process rather than the win/loss column for 2021.

End of the day, when you get the processes right then you set yourself up for best chance of success. Then it's down to injuries, player effort levels, etc.


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Apr 24, 2013
inside your head
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North Melbourne
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I decided to chuck $15 on Hawks at $15 for the spoon. Bloody good return and gives me something extra to barrack for during the year!

Clarko will probably try to avoid it now that priority picks have been largely shelved.

Stick with the Crows going back to back.

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