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Rules Board Guidelines - Must Read Before Posting

Discussion in 'Collingwood' started by Quicky, Jun 8, 2010.

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    General Posting Guidelines

    1. The board is bound by the bigfooty rules and guidelines. If you don't know what they are, read it here.

    2. If you have a personal vendetta against someone, first of all, why? But if you must continue this blood feud, please try to confine your arguments somewhere else.

    3. Criticism, from both Collingwood and opposition supporters is welcome. However it must be constructive. Blind trolls/criticism without any real content will be punished.

    Note to visiting posters: There is no need for a huge heated debate here if there are already threads about it in the main board. If you want a less one-sided debate, go to the main AFL board, Collingwood posters post there too.

    4. Again in regards to 2 and 3, posts must be CONSTRUCTIVE. Posts that derail the topic at hand and turn into a flame war will be deleted and posters will be punished as warranted. THINK BEFORE YOU POST.

    5 a) Please respect your fellow poster. If they ask a question or make a post you consider to be a 'noob'/'newbie' post, don't flame them for it. Rather, offer respectful assistance or an alternative viewpoint and take the opportunity to welcome a new Pie supporter to BF. You were once a newbie too.

    b) Posters from other clubs are more than welcome on our board. 99% of them are here to be constructive and add an outside perspective to our Board. We should all embrace that - there will be a small percentage who are simply here to be a pain in the you know where. Don't feed these lot, that's the attention they crave, please ignore their offerings and merely report them.

    6. Don't post just to post. Post count has little relevance on bigfooty.

    Also not every thought is worthy of a thread. Before you post a thread look to see if there is an existing thread (doesn't have to be on the first page) that you could add to as long as it's not too old. With threads, less is more.

    7. Do not post someone's personal information. Even common names are out unless you are given consent by the poster. If in doubt leave it out.

    8. Again; do not feed the trolls. Either ignore it, give it some household tips or alert a moderator. Please note that most times when you respond to an out and out troll we delete your responses as well as the troll's post. So responding just gives us more crap to clean up.

    9. Please avoid thread necromancy (that is: posting in a thread that has been inactive for several weeks to bump it back to the top of a forum again). Old threads have usually little relevance anymore. If you want to make a RELEVANT reference to an old thread, make a new thread with a link to the old thread.

    10. When quoting long posts, do not quote the whole thing, only what is relevant. Or for example if someone posts a long player by player review and you want to post something short like "nice job", try to trim down the post (perhaps replace the quoted post with POSTER X'S POST). The same applies for big pictures and multiple youtube clips.

    11. Scalping or spamming tickets will not be tolerated. If you want to offer tickets for sale the rules are face value + reasonable expenses for costs incurred (no greater than 10% of the tickets face value).

    NOTE: These rules are guidelines. If we infract you for something we feel is bad for the board, don't quote these 'rules', this ain't the Supreme Court, it's the interwebs.

    The Sub-Boards
    There are 2 sub-boards of the main Collingwood board they are:

    - The Magpies Nest: a non-football discussion board. Off-topic discussion is welcome here and it is a bit more relaxed, but these guidelines still prevail. Some football threads that clutter up the main board will be moved here including fantasy football threads.

    - Magpie Buddy Board - A 'buddy' draft is held where posters choose a player to report on with their own thread in this board. It's a pretty desolate place at the moment and will be relaunched in 09.

    The Moderators

    Current Collingwood board moderators: Gone Critical 76woodenspooners Anzacday and Magpie Girl (who is also our Community Organiser)

    Moderators (those happy people with the bold dark blue names) have the privilege/burden of locking threads, deleting posts and threads, merging threads giving members "infractions”, and requesting bans from the board and bigfooty completely if necessary. Moderators also serve to keep the Board content consistent and uncluttered.

    Mods do read your reported posts, so please use this function as your first option for reporting a bad post. If you want something edited like the title to the post, merged threads, general housekeeping then PM a mod. If it's an urgent matter or you are having other troubles PM a mod.

    If a Collingwood moderator is not online try to find a Super mod or admin (bold green dudes) that is online. Super mods are mods of steel who have the amazing ability to use their powers of moderation on every board. Admins are godly creatures who can do most anything. Here is a list of mods/super mods and admins (you can find this link located at the bottom of the forum listing titled "View forum Leaders").

    Got a problem with the mods? A question? Well you can cram it with walnuts ugly!
    Ok seriously you can PM them. Don't make threads about closed threads, deleted posts, infractions, bans etc.

    How to report a post/poster

    If you see something offensive posted on any of the forums, report the post.

    From the bigfooty faq:

    To report a post you think breaks the rules or mucks up a thread, click the red triangle underneath the user's details on that post.

    Reporting posts out of spite, jealousy, stupidity, or unrequited love will score you Mid-Range infraction points. Especially very old posts.
    Got a problem with a poster
    If you don't like what a poster posts for whatever reason you can put them on your ignore list.
    user profile > Your CP > Settings and Options > Edit ignore list > Add the username >

    The Infraction System
    The system bigfooty uses to punish you perps.
    Read here

    Apart from the obvious (i.e. you were carded for it)
    One of two reasons:
    i: the mods though the post was useless (off-topic or unnecessary abuse/flaming) or borderline. If your post is deleted, get the hint.
    ii: you quoted/responded to an infracted/deleted post

    Your thread was probably merged (unless it was an obvious breach of the rules). If you create a thread which doesn't really offer a different line of dicussion it will be merged with a similar thread.

    New rules people when it comes to linking to articles. OBEY.
    The lawyers of some paper have been calling and want us bigfooty to properly credit them, it's not like they take stuff from the internet without giving proper credit.

    From chief

    Yes, I realise that the two links are going to be the same but this is the format it must be.

    The exception to this rule is if the material/article you are posting is your own. In this case the article must be posted in its entireity.

    Link to original board guideline thread (established by venerable former mod Jabsco) for moderating purposes
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