Analysis Combined 22 (Premiership Teams)

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Dec 18, 2014
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North Melbourne
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Prussia, Galactic Empire
Thought this would be a fun thread for everyone to get involved in.

The premise is simple. Create a 22 out of 2 combined premiership teams. Choosing which players you would have over others. The only rule is that you can only pick from the 22 that played on the day.

Some suggestions:

1996 North Melbourne - 1975 North Melbourne
1983 Hawthorn - 2013 Hawthorn
1990 Collingwood - 2010 Collingwood
2000 * - 2009 Geelong
1980 Richmond - 2017 Richmond
1981 Carlton - 1995 Carlton
2006 Meth Coast - 1992 Meth Coast
1954 Footscray - 2016 Footscray

(Sorry if I couldn’t think of better examples).

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Gumble Frankieton

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Jul 3, 2007
The North
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North Melbourne
Here's my attempt at selecting the combined '75/'96 team not based on their overall career but purely based on how they played in the GF (as far as I can recall anyway).
I've tried to pick the team as close to their position as is reasonable.

FB. Gumbleton Dench Archer
HB. Crosswell Fairley Rantall
C. Greig Burns Schwass
HF. Briedis Carey Freeborn
FF. Feltham Wade Allison
FOLL. McKernan Stevens Cable
INT. Nolan Davis Rock Kekovich

Unlucky to miss: Laidley, Schimma, Sholl, Roberts, Crocker, Chisnall etc

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