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Dixie Flatline

Saviour Sam
Jun 3, 2005
Leafy eastern suburbs
AFL Club
Other Teams
Cartagena C.F., NYJ, A's
Contract updates:

23/9/2019: Ricky Henderson extended to end of 2020
12/9/2019: Shaun Burgoyne extended to end of 2020
10/9/2019: Jonathon Ceglar extended to end of 2022
6/9/2019: Hawthorn confirmed the duration of contracts for 21 players aged 26 or younger.
30/8/2019: Jackson Ross extended to end of 2020, Harrison Jones extended to end of 2020, Damon Greaves extended to end of 2020, Will Golds extended to end of 2020, Ned Reeves extended to end of 2020
26/8/2019: James Frawley extended to end of 2020
23/8/2019: Conor Glass reported to have been extended to end of 2020, but not officially confirmed by the club
14/8/2019: Tim O'Brien extended to end of 2021
24/7/2019: James Cousins extended to end of 2021, Dylan Moore extended to end of 2020, Changkuoth Jiath extended to end of 2020
23/7/2019: Tom Mitchell extended to end of 2023
29/4/2019: Ben McEvoy extended to end of 2020
26/4/2019: Ben Stratton extended to end of 2020
16/4/2019: Jaeger O'Meara extended to end of 2023
14/3/2019: Ned Reeves rookie contract to end of 2019
11/2/2019: James Worpel extended to end of 2021


Grant Birchall, Teia Miles, Darren Minchington, David Mirra, Tim Mohr (R), Marc Pittonet, Paul Puopolo, Jarryd Roughead(), Ryan Schoenmakers, Will Langford^


Daniel Howe, Jarman Impey, Changkuoth Jiath (R), Mitchell Lewis, Ben McEvoy, Dylan Moore, Harry Morrison, Conor Nash (IR), James Sicily, Isaac Smith, Ben Stratton, James Frawley, Conor Glass%%, Jackson Ross, Damon Greaves (R), Will Golds (R), Ned Reeves (R), Harrison Jones (R), Jacob Koschitzke@, Mathew Walker@, Oliver Hanrahan (R), Kaiden Brand, Jack Scrimshaw, Shaun Burgoyne, Ricky Henderson


Luke Breust, James Cousins, Blake Hardwick, Tom Scully*, James Worpel, Tim O'Brien


Alastair Clarkson (C), Jack Gunston, Liam Shiels, Chad Wingard, Jonathon Ceglar


Tom Mitchell, Jaeger O'Meara

$ In 2018, Hawthorn announced contract extensions for Kaiden Brand and Oliver Hanrahan, but did not publicise the length of the extension.
(R) rookie listed player
(IR) international rookie listed player
^ Will Langford retired from AFL football following the submission of total player payments for 2019. He is therefore retained on the list (as a rookie) for the purposes of salary cap and list management.
* Length of contract not confirmed by Hawthorn
() In August 2019, Jarryd Roughead formally announced his retirement from AFL football at the end of 2019 season
%% In August 2019, it was reported in the media (by that Glass has extended his contract with the Hawks until the end of 2020, but the Hawks are yet to confirm this.
@ 2018 national draftees - receive minimum two year contracts
(C) coach

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