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Apr 9, 2008
The Ponderosa
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My dad was the town drunk, which isn't so bad but NEW YORK CITY!

One day he was kicked out of the local pub for bring drunk and disorderly. The officer send he had the right to remain silent however he didnt have the ability.

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Member of Bushwood Golf Club
Mar 31, 2016
Deep South
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North Melbourne
I bought home fish and chips for tea on Friday night. Fifteen y/o son wasn't home so i wrapped his in paper and put them in the oven while we ate ours.

When he got home I ask, "where were you?"

"Just at the girl's house down the road. She's in my class. We were doing maths homework," he says.

"Did you get up to anything else?" I asked as he started eating his tea.

"Nup," he replied, then said, "These fish burgers are delicious!"

"They're potato cakes son, go wash your hands."

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