Does Geelong have the worst midfield in the AFL?

Does geelong have the worst midfield in the AFL??

  • Yes

    Votes: 31 59.6%
  • No

    Votes: 21 40.4%

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probably but Geelong is trying to find a midfield.
First year players like Conway and Clark need 30 to 40 games under the belt to get some consistency but will probably make it, Dempsey has found a place in the team and might be worth more mid time,
Atkinson, O’Connor and Bowes have enough games but are not going to be elite just role players
Blicavs , Stanley and danger are past their prime.
Holmes has stepped up to elite this year where as bruhn hasn’t maybe he never will, might be a role player.
When playing I think can Guthrie is elite as is myers so maybe he needs more midfield time
Mullin is an experiment. I’d like to see some of the mids running around in the barnstorming vfl team get half a dozen games.guys like knevit, Steven’s or closey. Maybe one or two of them can develop into better than role players.
So yes I agree but with all these questions I think they are just going through the process to work out who the elite ones can be, hopefully it’s more than one.
Its honestly a young redeveloping midfield surrounded by an experienced forward line and back line... I am kicking dangerfield a bit to the curb in these discussions as i am not confident he can have any continuity.

Currently our midfield has a 19yo, a 22yo, a 21yo, then conway as ruck who is 20, then atkins who is 28, then blicavs rotating as a ruck who is 31.

It is a very young midfield compared to others.
Just a midfield in transition after all the 30+ year olds start to retire from the premiership midfield. Probably doesn't help we have not A grade/elite talent in the 25-30 bracket since we lost Tim Kelly.

Holmes will be our prime mid in the next 18 months once he gets strong enough so we probably need at least another top tier mid to go with him, perhaps two.
Is Danger retiring this year? It’s not a good look if he is the saviour for your midfield at 34 years old.
Probably depend who else is retiring, how he holds up from here till end of season, and what he is ultimately wants.. I imagine if he says i want another year, the club wont debrudge him.

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It probably is right now tbh.

Building around high-ish picks in Conway, Holmes, Bruhn, & Clark, and they're all showing signs to varying degrees (Holmes in particular closing in on elite status) but there's teething issues that come with that.

Dempsey's a late gem and will be a player, but again age is his issue. Same goes for the likes of Stevens, Knevitt, & Clohesy who have been dominant in the VFL at times.

Of the guys in their prime, Atkins & O'Connor are just battlers.

Bowes has some real class but his inconsistency kills him. Plays like a star one week and then is unsighted the next, and he's a b-grader at best as a result.

Of the old guys, Stanley & Blitz have been charcoal for a while, while Dangerfield & Guthrie still have it in them, but have struggled with injury.

It'll be fine in a couple years when the youngsters start to hit their peak, but I expect it'll remain like this next year and maybe even the year after unless we bring players in their prime in.
The stats suggest that Geelong have a good midfield.

3rd for contested possessions. 8th for centre clearances. 4th for stoppage clearances.

This is why total stats are useless. Vs opponents they are 3rd last with -46 contested possessions and 2nd last for clearances with -53. So the total stats show they have a style that has a lot of contested possessions and clearances in it, but often aren't better than their direct opponents in those aspects.
Geelong is a Dangerfield, Hawkins, Stewart, Cameron & Duncan retirement away from the wooden spoon.

Strange post, Geelong hasn't collected a wooden spoon since 1958, they have in fact, never finished a season lower than 12th on the ladder.

Duncan and Hawkins both should have retired after '22, Duncan in particular, he shouldn't even be in the team.

Geelong have won 8 games this year, Danger has only played in 4 of them.

Stewart seems to have been worked out and Cameron has been missing for weeks.

We'll be ok, thanks for your concern though.