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Jan 25, 2013
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For those not well versed in the Fallout video game lore, its a post-apocalytpic setting where the world's major powers have nuked each other and the world is now set out in the "fallout". People have lived under ground in special made Vaults for decades in the aftermath. Usually you play the role of a vault dweller in the games when some shit goes down and you're forced to leave the safety of the vault. In one game I remember having to leave to find a water chip for the vault or all of your people die for example.

This series appears to follow the story of one such vault dweller.

Love most of the games in this series for their in depth role playing elements, the various factions and bizarre narratives. Fallout 4 moved more towards a first person shooter style in lieu of role playing elements and was worse off for it IMO. Fallout 76 is their most recent release which at launch was their first attempt at making a MMO style basically using assets they created for their previous game and was a buggy mess at launch and universally panned. I'm not sure what the current state of that game is.

Saw the name Todd Howard pop up in the teaser and almost threw up a little in my mouth. I don't know what his involvement is but seeing his name attached to any project is not a positive. If you don't know who he is, look up "it just works" memes on youtube for context.

For balance sake, I also see Walton Goggins is in the show and I do love everything the man does.

I've been burnt a few times with IP's I genuinely love failing big time on the small screen (The Witcher, Star Wars, Marvel etc). Therefore I am not hyped but will defitinely give it a fair go in 4 months time.
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i've lost a good portion of my life to these games. while off the top of my head i think the plane-city type thing is from fallout 3, i would expect a mish-mash of game influence. doubt we'll see much tribal stuff from fallout 1 or 2 though, the landscapes in the trailer looked quite like 1 or 2 though.

without some sort of backstory relating to staying in a vault, it risks being a bit generic post-apocalyptic. the trailer only vaguely hints at the retro-futuristic aesthetic.
the show may have to spend some significant time in a vault from the beginning to truly capture civilisation living underground for decades or longer then getting out... much like fallout 3, again.

i wanna watch it but my expectations for these sorts of things are always so low.
There's too many good people involved for it to be a bomb. Handy thing with Fallout is it can be truthful to the game while still having its own story. Looks great.

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Just finished the first episode. Really liked it. Captures the feel of the game perfectly

Only played Fallout 2, back when I was 14 or 15. It had a big impact on me, and I'd always hoped that they'd make a high quality TV show in the world. I feel that with the right story, cast, directors and budget, they could have a GOT-style show on their hands.

Not expecting something of that quality, but the first episode was really promising. Naming the 3(?) characters as they did would suggest a world smaller than GOT, but I'll definitely watch the series.
I just watched the first episode. I liked it I think, but boy did they try to cram a lot in haha

I'm very cautious of the show; Fallout NV is one of the games of my adolescence, and I'd hate for it to be ruined.
This show is awesome and as a lover of the game it is hitting every note perfectly.

Even if you have never played the game you will still like as well IMO.

Very good so far and i am 3 episodes in.
Watched them all. Amazing. Played the games but the Mrs who isn't fully aware of the games loved it too.

Show is that good IMO, doesn't even rely on the game world.

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