FTA-TV Survivor 45 - Finale Live on Go from Midday - Spoiler alert - avoid page 11

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Did Austin actually do anything wrong/bad this episode?

He is just paying for his stupidity in telling Dee last week about Julie.

Dee played the game right by not telling Austin about Drew, but there’s nothing Austin could do about that. Austin had no idea about the Drew vote but why would he? He was completely left out.

My take is that his crush is blocking his capacity to play
9Go is screening the finale live from midday to 3pm Thursday according to my online TV Guide

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Austin has played a really good game bar for that one **** up with telling Dee the plan to take out Mama J. He's not the first and he wont be the last to spill too much info to an alliance member. He is just in a position now where he can't possibly go to the end with either Julie or Dee so he will be relying heavily on Katurah and Jake realising they are the two who have to go

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Thread title change

Open discussion from Midday on the Finale as it unfolds.

If you don’t want to know I suggest avoiding this thread until after you have watched the Episode

There's no way I'm going to remember that this is on :(
I had intended on watching, but friends are coming over for lunch. That's stretching the friendship a tad...

I find it funny that we'll be watching it live here in Melbourne before it's shown in my brother's home in Phoenix because of the different time zone from EST.

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Love that the finale is live on Go.........looking forward to seeing how it plays out but I still hate the fire making challenge as part of it.

Yes I am locking the doors, drawing the blinds, not answering the door or phone and getting all jobs done by 11:55

Thankfully there will be plenty of ads for Lunch
I remembered it was on, and I only missed the first 5 minutes!

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