Mega Thread General MFC Discussion Part IV – #lateoutwatch

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Maybe he’s not a good sharer.

Like Basil and Pav. No sharing there.
Awe heck sorry did the whole bag again. Mate these straws are like vacuums I swear

cocaine GIF
Horne-Francis apparently out with hamstring tightness :rolleyesv1:
Could be our new strategy for success. Opposition coaches pull their best players out of games so they don't get influenced by our naughty boys on field.

Something in that :lightbulb:
I think WADA do a urine test (this is the one Willie poured the gatorade into) - which is more rigorous than a mouth swab that is sold at Chemists or that Police do with the road side test.
So is Steven May on drugs this week? Was he faking the ribs injury? Is Mabior Chol complicit in this conspiwacy!?!

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Reckon poor old Wilkie thought he was sitting on more of a bombshell than he thought.

This will be effortlessly swept under the rug with a "review" of the Illicit Drugs Policy that recommends some changes that probably won't ever happen.
Looking forward to when we next lose a game

"Discussion of football is forbidden"
It's a fun juxtaposition being a moderator of one football forum, knowing full well I'd get banned from the other.
Blokes are gonna be doing 8 week torn off the bone hammies left right and centre.

Nobody gonna put their hands up at Thursday training saying they’re not sure if they’re right for the weekend until this blows over.
Insane of Wilkie to bring this up in parliament, with arguably his biggest point being 'it effects gambling markets' lmao. It's such a non-issue and a complete misunderstanding of what WADA/SIA actually do.

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