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Norm Smith Medallist
May 23, 2010
Chalong 83130
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Perth (Demons)
McGuane has us finishing 3rd and has Freo coming into the 8 for Collingwood.

The Eagles could be the biggest beneficiaries of a normal season – if that happens.

They didn’t handle the hub last year, but were almost unbeatable on their Perth home deck with seven straight wins until the relentless Magpies produced an elimination final boilover.

I have some concerns about their growing injury list, with Luke Shuey and Elliot Yeo having some issues.

If they get the rub of the green with key players being available and can show their natural flair (think Liam Ryan), they will be hard to stop.

Tim Kelly will be better.

The Eagles gave up so much for him, but his first year with the Eagles was a long way short of his damaging Cats’ 2018 and 2019 form.


Jack Redden is a bull, but is he still in the Eagles’ best team?
Didn't he say we were sh!te recently?

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Premiership Player
Jun 19, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast

Titus O'Reily

West Coast vs Gold Coast (OS) 6:10pm Fox

Willie Rioli will return this season. You couldn’t miss that news, especially in Western Australia, with The West Australian newspaper publishing an eight-page wrap around to mark the occasion.

I’m glad they didn’t go over the top.

The Eagles should have a much better season this year given they don’t have to visit Queensland so often.

Not since Campbell Newman has someone performed so badly in Queensland.

Gold Coast continue to build around a young core of Matt Rowell, Noah Anderson, Ben King, Izak Rankine and Jack Lukosius.

The Suns are as young as Geelong are old. Like last year, I expect them to do well early before succumbing to the grind of the season.

The AFL season is like parenting. It starts off excitingly, progressively gets hard, then you just wish it was over.

At least in the AFL season there’s a winner in the end.

West Coast to win.

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 2, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
Another good Pod Cast with X Ellis who had Schoey on. Well worth the listen! He is doing backchat this year but not sure if its with WC or his own Podcast called backchat?

Either way more Schoey cant be a bad thing.
Sounds like it's his own podcast, going to set up his own website for it. If it was club affiliated I think it would all direct through them as a central portal.

Agree it was a good listen. I did like the part where he asked Xavier if the podcast is just him getting people on so he can tell them stories. Does need to let the guests go a little further in depth with their own tales instead of interjecting with his own anecdotes - and he has one for everything.

I also liked how he described the Demons in that 2018 Prelim :moustache:

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