Scandal Jack Ziebell coward punched

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Hope the thug/thugs get locked up for a long time. The penalties should be a lot harsher for this s**t, but the gutter dwellers will probably get off with a slap on the wrist. 😡 Going out for a few drinks with some mates to celebrate a great career and that happens.

Speedy recovery Ziebs 🤞🏻

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That is exactly what will happen.

This is Daniel Andrews' Victoria. This is the new normal.

This is objectively wrong - the laws have only become tougher under Andrews for these sorts of assaults.

Yes you could argue that is due to increased publicity and pressure - but we haven’t gone backwards in sentencing.

Fact check yourself
Jack Ziebell of all people, too. He's about as offensive as a cardboard cutout.

There's some absolute *******s about.
Absolutely disgusting
Hope they throw the book at them but they probably won't as our justice system is weak as piss.

What should have been a memorable night turned into a bad memory.
Imagine if he had of hit his head on the concrete.
People have died that way.
He has young children and these vermin will just get away with it.
So the dickheads were kicked out of the bar and decided to wait around for Ziebell to come out so they could bash him? Premeditated attack, no mercy for these pricks.

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