Rumour Jack Crisp

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Smiley Boy

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Jun 20, 2012
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Western Bulldogs
Few screen grabs getting around from Jack Crisp's snapchat getting around that might land him in a bit of trouble... Especially with the Mrs

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I've seen it, it's old, he has a beard. Possibly the most damage it will do is to his marriage, the media will run with it anyway, just what they've been waiting for unfortunately.
Just had another look, his left arm sleeve is missing lol, the only incriminating photo is him naked covering his bits, could have been taken anywhere, even by a team mate. He isn't pictured with drugs and the screenshots flick through so fast it's hard to focus on any of it.
Anyone got a link to his meat
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Old or not… it’s been picked up by the media so it’s not going away now

Like I mentioned, was quoted 7-8 years ago. Next. Tom Browne needs to be banished. Just like the little turds Costello and McGuire
Wasn’t there a thread on here years ago about him being a camboi before onlyfans was a thing
Yeah he had a heap of videos up actually, I found them online.
Toey lad.

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