Mark of the Year

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Lavender Bushranger

Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 25, 2005
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Oh no, they have got both the mark and goal wrong.
Look, although I personnally think there were better goals than Daicos', I can at least understand that there is some semblance of a case that his was the best.

Fair enough. Opinions vary.

But fu** me, I'd be shocked if there's one single person out there that agrees that Walsh's mark was the best of year.

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Clark G

All Australian
Oct 10, 2010
AFL Club
MOTY winner should be decided by a fan vote again. It was at one point in the past before Eddie had a cry over Howe not winning it in 2017.

jim boy

Umpires Association Head
Jun 4, 2002
AFL Club
Other Teams
Daicos was worthy - clever to keep ball in play, beat two opponents and had to skillfully shoot off the outside of the boot from the boundary, what more do you want?

Walsh though, well the fact that he said that he didn't know the Dixon train was coming kind of brings into question as to whether he was being courageous or whether he just was taking a regular mark and got cleaned up unexpectedly

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