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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 30, 2007
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Warney's IPL team!
Last day of holidays before I’m back at work tomorrow. First day back at the gym this afternoon after 3 weeks off. Weighed in 87.6kgs this morning. Pretty much the same weight I was for most December. So I didn’t put on any weight over Christmas but was a bit heavier in December. My aim is to get down to 82.5kg by mid March in time for practice games.
So I weighed in this morning at 83.8kg so a bit over what I was aiming for but happy with where im at. I want to get to around 82kg and I can up my calories and should be able to maintain 82-83kg week to week without to much effort.

I’ve been tracking my calories with a food diary app, it’s easy as it has almost all the foods I eat. So i can punch in the serving serves, exercise etc and gives me a good idea where I’m at for calories.

Mon - Thursday I’m around 2500 calories in deficit (in total over 4 days). Friday maintence (2400) calories. Saturday slightly over. Sunday slightly under (balances out Saturday night)

It will give me around a half kg weight loss per week.


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Apr 19, 2019
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North Melbourne
Age: 26
Height: 178
Weight: 80
Body type: don't really subscribe to this
Qualifications in the industry: none

Supplements: currently using: WPC, creatine, pre-workout powders

Diet: -500 caloric deficit. Varied. Try to minimise meat consumption for various reasons.

Goals: Time to lean out. My bodybuilding show condition is about 73kg, hoping to get down to 75kg though. Recently did my ACL and had it reconstructed, so rehab is my main focus 8 weeks post-op.

Sport played: Wrestling (past), Cricket. Would love to get back into footy next year but understand I'm pushing it with an 8 year layoff and recently knee reco.


Premiership Player
Aug 21, 2007
We Fly As One
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East Side Hawks
Age: 44
Height: 160
Weight: 78.8 (when I started trying to improve myself a couple of months ago.)
Body type: No idea, but I put on weight fairly easily.
Qualifications in the industry: None.

Supplements: Occasional WPI and WPC.

Diet: Breakfast is generally fairly good, with either oats with cinnamon and berries, a smoothie, or scrambled eggs (just the eggs, nothing added to them) and sourdough toast. It all goes to crap with lunch, dinner, and snacks though. I don't eat anywhere near the recommended serves of F & V.

Goals: Initially break through the 70kg barrier, and reduce body fat from about 33% into the 20s.

Achievements so far: None yet, but it's early days.

Sport played: None. At my age and fitness level, my body's telling me to call it a day.
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