Toast Mini-Dustin Martin spurred on by Tigers support

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May 1, 2018
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Mini-Dustin Martin spurred on by Tigers support

By Sumeyya Ilanbey
July 25, 2019 — 5.17pm

At the age of four, Ryder Reid became obsessed with Richmond and their star player Dustin Martin.

“Ever since the first game he watched, [Ryder] was pretty much into Dusty – into the moves and everything he does,” mum Anita Reid said.

Ryder,8, with Richmond's star player Dustin Martin.

Ryder,8, with Richmond's star player Dustin Martin.CREDIT:AAP

“He asked for [Martin’s] haircut and I said, ‘If Richmond win the premiership in 2017, you can get the haircut’.”

It was this intense fascination with, and love for, the AFL that made him a target for bullies in early primary school.

Meeting the Tigers has added fire to Ryder's belly.

Meeting the Tigers has added fire to Ryder's belly. CREDIT:AAP

So when he decided to compete in Run Melbourne, he knew the best cause to support was the Alannah and Madeline Foundation – a charity affiliated with the Tigers and aimed at keeping children safe from violence.

“He was really touched by the charity,” Ms Reid said.

The Phillip Island boy will run five kilometres with his mum on Sunday and hopes to raise $1000 in the process.

And meeting his hero “Dusty” on Thursday has added fire to his belly. Ms Reid said Ryder was invited along to the team’s training session following a chance meeting with the Tigers’ events co-ordinator at the Round 17 clash against the Giants.

“The support from the players has just blown me away,” Ms Reid said.

“To see Ryder out there brought me to tears. All the players were saying ‘Have fun on Sunday, you’re doing great,’ and he was high-fived by everyone.”

Richmond and The Alannah and Madeline Foundation have also recently launched the 2019 fundraising campaign, "Light the Darkness", aimed at highlighting the need for education around online safety.

“We have been inspired by the support and generosity of the Tiger Army in helping this wonderful foundation to protect and create a safe environment for children across the eight years,” Richmond chief executive Brendon Gale said of the campaign.

To support Ryder, visit

Power Play

Club Legend
Oct 8, 2017
AFL Club
I love reading stories like this so much.

Many of us grew up supporting the Tigers when the club was the competition's laughing stock, we got bullied by kids who supported the likes of Carlton, Essendon and Hawthorn.

Ryder, you are a champion mate, you have my support and I'm glad to be part of the same family as you, that family being the Richmond Football Club.

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