News New Western Bulldogs logo?

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Jun 2, 2001
SE Melb
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Ahh, ATMOSS. The gift that keeps on giving just gave a little more.

(and the mis-shapen shield has now officially been overdone. You heard it here first :cool: )

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I was wondering just recently if the Bulldogs would "update" their logo as other clubs have done. If this is the final product it will take a while to grow on me, I think.
Like how they've integrated the new jumper design into the logo, but I'm really not sure about the actual bulldog they've used. Bout a 6 out of 10 from me.

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Does the question mark in the thread name mean a probable new logo, or this the new logo?
I can't find the logo on the internet. Where did you find it?

It appears on ATMOSS - the Australian Trade Marks Online Search System - as having been registered by the AFL. But I can't tell you what their intent is with regard to using it.
Not great but certainly not terrible either. It's pretty meh. I do think their current one is starting to feel a bit outdated though.

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