General Bombers Talk Non-Essendon Football Thread XIV

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Zach Package

Kyle Langfourd
Sep 21, 2012
Parish, Francis
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Piggy Smith, Heat
I've gotta say, David King's idea re trading cap space for draft picks isn't the worst.
I gather King hasn’t actually shown his work but in a league with a hard salary cap and a high cap floor (which I think is a good thing) I don’t think it’s something that’s feasible.

If you let sides buy their way over the cap they’re not just going to go over the cap for a year, they’re going to be handing out 5-6-7 year mega deals to big names and they’re going to end up perpetually over the cap.

And I think it would also take away any incentive the ‘selling’ sides have to try and recruit established players and hop their way back up the ladder.

Sounds like a shiny new way of ensuring the rich stay rich

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Old Campaigner

Premium Gold
Nov 22, 2012
AFL Club
Aaron Hall stepping away from footy for mental health reasons too.

There's an extreme amount of young blokes stepping away from the game nowadays due to the same concerns. This is horrible.
With the amount of media scrutiny, expectations of fan access, social media abuse and so on these days it's a wonder more of them aren't doing it TBH

Mr Mojo Risin

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 15, 2008
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Celtics, Colts, Renegades
I reckon there's been at least 6-7 this year so far in the AFL, but I'm having mates playing local footy step away from it due to their mental health.

Local footy is meant to be fun, crazy how even something like that can affect the mental health.

People give Kyrgios a hard time but in some ways I like his perspective on life. In his press conference last night when being grilled about not putting in more work he said there are more important things, it’s just tennis.

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