Summer Olympics Jumping the Shark

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Nov 16, 2004
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WUSHU its was a demo sport whether the IOC will admit it or not.
It wasn't part of the official IOC program. They allowed a tournament to be run at the same time. Same happened in Rio with an esports tournament. But neither were given the status of an official demonstration sport.

My bad re my previous post that 1988 was the last Olympics with an official demonstration sport. it was 1992 at Barcelona that Taekwondo was still a demo sport.
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Sep 18, 2016
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Football definitely should go, anything that has a event that is more prestigious to win should be taken away.
Off the top of my head Hockey is the only team sport that should stay, Rugby 7s has potential that was one of the highlights of Rio.
Sports like soccer, tennis, golf GTFO though.
Football should def stay, its one of the most popular event at the games.
Plus its great seeing Brazil fail every Olympics.
Field hockey.... way less important.

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