List Mgmt. Pick 9

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Eiffel 65

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Sep 18, 2018
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Didn’t we have a run and carry in Schumacher? Would not be adverse to rookie listing him.

Still think we will trade back with GCS and target that 2020 mid first compo they got. At 15 or 20 we target Cooper Stephens or Deven Robertson.
I was referring to an Adam Saad type backman with blistering pace.

Good players at those picks if available :)

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Brownlow Medallist
May 22, 2011
The Naughty Corner
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IF Jackson has not been picked before 9, I think we will be fielding offers from multiple teams.

Brisbane. Juicy selection of picks, no decent ruckman after Martin (33yo). McInerny a bit meh.

Gold Coast. Juicy selection of picks (this year and next). No decent ruckman after Witts (assuming Wright is a fwd).

Geelong. Juicy selection of picks. No decent ruckman, full stop.

Could be quite the competitive auction....

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Hall of Famer
Oct 15, 2008
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Any love for Caleb Serong at 9? From the little I’ve seen of all the supposed top 10 I’d be pretty happy for him to fall to us.
Reckon Teague would give his approval should Serong be there.
On quality alone, the players I can't see being there for us at our pick are Anderson & Rowell (obviously) and then Young and Green.
You'd think that someone would take Stephens also, but not sure.

Would be happy with Serong or Stephens. Not thrilled about Ash nor Flanders and annoyed should we look at Robertson or Gould.


All Australian
Aug 20, 2019
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Miami Heat
6 for our future first is quite plausible in the event of Green bid pre-six.

Would you take Stephens if you'd already taken Ash?
It'd be the other way around, would I take Ash if I already had taken Stephens? And personally yes, although Stephens currently can't play inside due to his size, it's definitely something he has in his arsenal going forwards. Ash has shown that, at least so far, he isn't effective as a mid, and he will provide the run and carry we're so desperately missing from our back half. Both fill needs and both fit Teague's gameplan to a T.


Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 10, 2010
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Below are some top names, give & take on the order, but who wouldn't I want for our pick #9?
Serong & Robertson

I will be happy with any of the others.
In any case, we'll get a decent player with Pick #9

1. Noah Anderson
2. Matthew Rowell
3. Brodie Kemp
4. Sam Flanders
5. Lachlan Ash
6. Tom Green
7. Caleb Serong
8. Dylan Stephens
9. Hayden Young
10. Liam Henry
11. Deven Robertson
12. Luke Jackson

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