NSW Premier "iCare" Perrottet and the Libs' Poison Chalice

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Wasn't sure where to put this, but Helen Dalton has quit the SFF. She was not just the only sensible figure in the parliamentary party, but also the only woman. Now they're back to being a ridiculous sausage fest.

The LNP knew what the allegations were a looooing time ago, knew their veracity but haven't acted until now. Disgraceful.

Will old mate come out to bat for a other monster?
i mean the bar for a lot of people is if you don't get caught right
pretty big in politics and sports, board rooms etc, if you don't get charged and you have plausible deniability, all good

once its out in the open though you're usually out the door so nobody looks to closely at everyone left

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I don't necessarily know a lot about the guy but everything I've seen from him puts him that far ahead of Gladys and Morrison it isn't funny. Definitely the high profile Lib who I have the least issues with, just by doing basic things like not trying to overtly politicise an integrity body because you don't like the findings.

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