Round Round 1 Match Day Discussion - And Away We Go !

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Nov 6, 2003
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Yes Folks, after all the planning, where our Final Sides look worse than our first version's time for the SuperCoach Season to start Thursday

Are you ready ? ......all the Rookies pencilled in ? .....IMPORTANTLY, have you opened a new Bank Account, your partner doesn't know about ;)

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Brownlow Medallist
May 12, 2013
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In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since.

Don’t take up SuperCoach.

And to be honest, he probably had a point. So why do we front up once more to face the slings and arrows of outrageous fantasy fortune?

Wouldn’t life be easier if we just got stuck into the sherbets and watched the footy like the regular crowd, the nine-to-fivers, the ordinary people?

Never, Marge. Never.

We can't live the button-down life like them. We want it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles. Sure, we might offend a few of the bluenoses with our cocky loops and musky odors - oh, we'll never be the darling of the so-called "casual footy fans" who cluck their tongues, stroke their beards, and talk about "What's to be done with these SuperCoaches?"

Gentle ladies, gentlemen and assorted gentle campaigners, as the curtain is raised on another season of SC, we gather together here once more to give our thanks to the SC gods and celebrate the glorious bounty of midpricers, rookies with pulses with functioning limbs and silky jets with which we have been endowed (looking at you, Maxy – no, not you, Seagull, you can go and wait outside in the rain, champ, we’ll let you know when you can come in. Might be a while, tiger.)


There are a couple of key decisions facing SC Nation, apart from the standard stuff like controlling the urge to engage in a bit of the old digital ultraviolence when our captain is decapitated by a low flying parakeet on zero points 13 nanoseconds into Q1…
a bit of the old.gif

The boys' reaction to Bevo playing Dunks in the forward pocket for a solid month was suitably restrained, all told.

This is not a spot for half-measures.

With Marshall strategies ruled out, you’ve either taken a look at Gawn’s draw and decided your season would be over before it even began if you didn’t have him and he went on a double ton rampage across the first month and you’re coughing up the coin to pair him with Grundy, or you’re looking at plays involving a rookie R2 and redistribution of funds (setting aside plays involving R1, R2, R3 rookie placements – they’re insanely high upside if they come off, but they’re just too failure prone to consider tbh.)

ROB, OMac and co. are kind of neither here nor there – there is a world where they pan out, but if you’re going to fade a big dog, you’ve got to want to maximize your upside potential.

The DEF line is one which offers a diverse array of premo combos and has the potential to be a very lucrative and high-scoring line with the rule changes.

It’s also one which offers up next to no viable rookies.

So essentially, the choice is made for you. Load up on the premos (and potentially a sprinkling of midpriced options like Clark, H Young and co.), grab whichever rookies present and hold on for dear life.

The sober yin to the DEF line’s raging yang, the FWD line offers up 2/3 of 5/8 of fu** all in the way of premos and a panoply of rookies. By the end of the year, once they’re all up and running, many will be aiming to finish the year off with Danger, Dusty, The Pride of Portland, Sidey, Dunkley and some other F6 / F7 combo that presents at the right price(s) over the course of the year.


Premos don’t score like premos in the FWD line.
What do you do if you want something that scores like a premo?
Usually, we just tape a bunch of midpricers together.

And in the meantime, load up on the rookies and midpricers of your choosing and pray to sweet baby Jesus (or Hay-Zeus as other brothers in the South call him) that they outperform their prices and serve up acceptable scores until you can allow them to make the acquaintance of Captain Stunbolt…
sweet baby jesus.gif

You do have some options: 1/2/3 premos in the line to start: Not telling anyone how to suck eggs, all situational, all else being equal:

1: Light, but doable, see below (if it’s not your first rodeo)
2: About good weight for the rank and file
3: Probably a touch heavy.

Farming out:
You’ll see a few teams with a repurposed MID/DEF or MID/FWD starting in the MIDs.
It’s a valid and viable option to allow yourself to take an extra FWD rookie on the one hand or to have a swing option in case of emergency with Laird on the other. And you’ll see a fair few cluey cats going one or both.

Your MID line will be necessarily impacted by the choices you’ve already made on the other lines with less degrees of freedom.

There is also the (potential) point squeeze in the MIDs this year with the shift back to longer quarters and the resultant likely dip in TOG for the majority of (but not all – those who can rest forward and be effective or can run all day like Andrew Gaff should be expected to have less impact than a burst type without the tank / forward craft.)

Gaffy racking up the clicks down the wing at Optus

I’m no wiser than anyone else here – do you grab a couple of absolute topliners and compromise a bit on the others or look for a touch more value at the risk of potentially having a bunch of starters more in the 105-112.5 range? The jury’s still out and we’ll just have to wait and see.

If anyone actually made it this far, one last thing before I love you and leave you:

If you’re posting your team to a forum and soliciting feedback, for the love of God and all things holy (or other deity or intergalactic Star Trek bloke or blokette of your choosing, wotevs, Trevs), for Christ’s sake be prepared to listen to the feedback you get. There might be times it feels like a Strempeling, there might be times the feedback is off the mark, but in that case, just put it to one side and get on with your business.

How in Christ’s name anyone’d think it’s beneficial to arc up over genuinely well-intentioned feedback from experienced hands who’ve taken time out to help and instead of using it as food for thought deciding to go on strafing runs in the morning in their y-fronts has got me beat.

You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar and what goes around, comes around. Anyway, enough of the sermon from the mount.
and i'm spent.gif

Best of luck to one and all as you launch into your seasons, may the odds forever be in your favour, and to the regulars who keep the place going and are always there to help each other and others along the way – not going to speak for anyone else, but by Christ you're alright by me.

fu** COVID, here's to a blistering 2021 and happy trails...
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A Bit Dusty

Oct 6, 2017
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Hey Wayne do you think Rowe will be good for a goal each week? Last year Stengle was almost my banker each week in a Multi to score a goal.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 31, 2014
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Someone take away my trades for a few weeks so I don't rage trade too early

Last year I started with Andrew Brayshaw only to trade him away after his spud first round


Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 5, 2018
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If they bring in this sub rule, I’m going to have to reconsider starting J Clark.

He is exactly the type of player you’d start as a sub.
Theoretically it should be quite the opposite. It isn't designed to be like the sub rule from previous years. You'd essentially just be giving an emergency a chance to act as a warm body.

How many players take no further part each week because on concussion? Let's say it's 2. That's only 2 players from 18 clubs each week actually being activated. You also have the mandatory 12 day break now which will prevent clubs from exploiting it and claiming a player is concussed when they aren't just to activate a fresh substitute.

The only issue we will have with Supercoach is If our cash cows make debuts as the 23rd player late in games and it spoils their cash generation.
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