Round 10 Final Teams as announced.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 4, 2007
AFL Club
Teams are in what do you think?


Graham Johncock, Ben Rutten, Andy Otten
HB: Michael Doughty, Scott Stevens, Andrew McLeod
C: Chris Knights, Simon Goodwin, David Mackay
HF: Nathan van Berlo, Patrick Dangerfield, Bernie Vince
F: Jason Porplyzia, Taylor Walker, Richard Douglas
Foll: Kurt Tippett, Tyson Edwards, Scott Thompson
I/C: Brad Moran, Nathan Bock, Brad Symes, Ivan Maric
Emg: Brent Reilly, Jared Petrenko, James Sellar

In: Bock
Out: Brent Reilly

Campbell Brown, Tom Murphy, Brent Guerra
HB: Brendan Whitecross, Grant Birchall, Xavier Ellis
C: Liam Shiels, Sam Mitchell, Beau Muston
HF: Michael Osborne, Lance Franklin, Chance Bateman
F: Cyril Rioli, Jarryd Roughead, Mark Williams
Foll: Simon Taylor, Brad Sewell, Jordan Lewis
I/C: Robert Campbell, Stuart Dew, Ben McGlynn, Jarryd Morton
Emg: Beau Dowler, Brent Renouf, Travis Tuck

In: Dew, Ellis, Shiels
Out: Garry Moss (knee), Cameron Stokes (hamstring), Beau Dowler

New: Liam Shiels (Eastern Ranges)

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Re: Teams are in

Poor decision if he is fit and ready to play. We've got an abundance of midfielders so Morton and Dew do not have to come in. Shiels making his debut for Dowler seems silly, are we throwing it away?
Re: Teams are in

If Dowler's injured, I reckon it probably would have been time to give Lisle a go. That team doesn't have a single key defender in it.

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Re: Teams are in

I'd be very surprised if he was dropped - must be in need of a rest, general soreness maybe? He has been injury prone in the past. Would be very odd if he was dropped to make way for Sheils.

In all fairness to Morto, he was one of our best last week. Would have been very, very stiff to be dropped after his game against the Dees.

Very glad Dew is playing, too.
Re: Teams are in

I would like to know that myself.

One of Adelaides talls will have a field day on sunday just watch.

If you look in the original thread for this week'd teams I predicted Dowler would miss having seen him train on thursday. He's not omitted, he's injured or not quite 100%. Look in the other thread I tipped this!
Re: Teams are in

Don't know but i thank god for it, sorry to the young fella but ever time he touches the ball i fell a huge uncertainty
how would you FEEL that when Dowler did not fumble or make a mistake getting the ball away from the oppositions goal line in rd 7 or 6 forgotten which but i am sure you know which i am talking about ! i know if that were me i would stuff it !

i think he has improved for us and was only going to get better ! seeing he has only just started some senior games !

the following may not be aimed at you boric unless you are one of the baggers !

some of you lot want all players to be stop on 100% do not make a mistake in their first few games you don't even give them a season to even improve ! - eg zac copped same rubbish at the moment he is doing well ! you can not be happy no matter if these players you bag did a miricle goal and won the match i am sure that you could not do better cause if you could then you would be playing in the AFL now ! !
unless you are a ALF footballer who is playing who does play better then them!
sssssshhhhhh constructive critisim only , bagging is a NO NO ! in my eyes !

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