Game Day Round 2 vs. St Kilda, MCG, 7:30pm Thurs 21/03

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We really are the 2023 Geelong of 2024.

Oldest in the comp and will have lost first 3 games.

Expect the rest of the season will follow suit
BT just said premier hasn’t been 0-3 since 1999. Geelong just did it last year.

Lost to us in round 1
Lost to Carlton in round 2
Lost to Gold Cost in round 3
Guys in here finally seeing what I know, it was so obvious tonight even other supporters coming in here saying this was rigged.

Well for most of you, you will forget what you just witnessed, you will forget you just witnessed clear as day game fixing, you will continue your lives being a sheep, you will go back to sleep and forget.

New flash, AFL isn't the only thing that is rigged in this world, just wait til you find out how the global financial system works ;)
We aren't turning this season around. We have been completely out played by 3 sides now, and it's not about premiership hangovers, it's about us been found out, our strengths taken away from us, and we have no idea how to combat it.
This will test Fly as a coach, and he needs to evolve and not try to roll out the same game plan as last year, as the other clubs have worked us out.
I wonder if Fly can keep evolving as a coach, we'll soon find out....
It comes down to having to take recycled players to fill list spots. They can be great for a season but after that, you start to find out why they are recycled
It looks like they're gonna do it the hard way. But we kind of expected that when we had to play GWS in Sydney first up...
Pretty simple for me.

Umps diabolical but still doesn’t make us look any less soft and not hungry.

Only time we looked good was playing quick and letting Bobby, Beau and our better ball users out in space.

Gonna be a long year playing from the back half all year with our old guys looking slow. Need pace injected quickly.
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Not open for further replies.

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