Game Day Round 1 vs. Sydney, MCG, 7:40pm Fri 15/03

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Same situation as last week really, if we can find a way to bring this margin back to 5 goals in junk time then it's not a total diasaster.
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Heeney was on the ground and he still managed to lose the contest.
It's almost as if Heeney is one of the best athletes in the league. Your dedication to assassinating whichever particular player bothers you is intriguing in its irrationality. Standards you apply to Dean don't seem to apply to any other

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Both GWS and Sydney consistently hit targets, Collingwood - not so much.
The honeymoon is over for Markov. Rather Noble now, though the key really is Murphy - he is integral to the success of our defence. Moore is invisible down there and Dean is sub standard.
Reason why Moore is missing is he is trying to cover ground near 2-3 players. Howe and Crisp MIA and nowhere near their opponents

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I've been out at a function - looks like I picked a good night to be out 🤐
Josh Daicos been missing all game. Don't think he likes the tough ones where we are being generally beaten. To be fair, there's a few others who would have been expected to contribute who haven't fired a shot.
Looking back, our form in the second half of last season was not that great. We got over the line in three finals on the back of great team spirit and veterans playing out of their skin.

This seems like regression now those players have lost half a step.

Threw all our eggs into last season's basket and thank heck it worked.
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