Game Day Round 7: Collingwood v Adelaide, Sunday - 4.40pm - Adelaide Oval

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Mar 16, 2014
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Ah, another magnificent high. Anzac day proved to live up to the hype. And I don't mean the remembrances, I mean the Collingwood Blitzkrieg that smashed through the Essendon forward positions, drove deep into their defences, encircled them, and obliterated them. Erwin Rommel would have been proud -- even if he was on the wrong side way back then. And then there was the sadness of the Dons supporters, who must have had so much hope at 3 quarter time that their Maginot line would hold up. And then they realised that the Maginot line was worse than ineffectual. But enough World War Two analogies, especially when I'm comparing Fly to Rommel. But it just seems so apt! Fly is the modern Desert Fox. The master of mobile warfare!

So a confession: I got last week's tip wrong - I thought the Dons would get us. I admit it. Finnish was wrong. Thank God. Cheers for those who corrected me. But I did pick the changes to the last man. Anyway, onward!

The Crows and Crowing

And so we face Adelaide on their home deck on Sunday. And who would think this would be match of the round? Who imagined Adelaide would become the team they are? Their balance of youth and experience. The class of Rankine and Rachele. Tex Walker in excellent form. A brutal game style that smashes up other teams. The speed of their ball movement. They're humming, there's no doubt about it. The demolition they did on Carlton was heart warming.

But now we face them. What's their strength? Their brutal pressure, their attack on the ball, and then their extreme ball movement. That's a lot of things to counter.

The Might Magpies

It's hard to praise our team too much. The challenges that we've faced, losing so many talls, and the way we've faced down every challenge. Billy Frampton, take a bow. A competitor. God bless him. Ruscoe -- did everything asked of him. Pendlebury, still like a chess master, 5 moves ahead of the opposition. The Daicos brothers, elite in every way. Yes, every way. They're hard those two. It's not just sublime skill, it's body on the line too. And our small forwards must be some of the best in the comp. Ginnivan is a footballer's footballer. The smarts. Bobby Hill is lightning. He strikes faster than the eye can see. Elliot looks hurt but we all know at his best he's a champion. DeGoey is the modern Dusty. Enough superlatives.

The return of Adams will be important in the clinches. We need to get back to being clearance monsters and Mitchell was a bit down this week. Adams will help. My bet is we match Adelaide's brutality with our own. This will be critical. The inside ball will be hotly contested. It'll be a firestorm in there.

And then there's the outside. If they move the ball fast, we move it faster. We're a tsunami. When we're headed your way, run.

The one query we have then is our backline. Who takes Rankine? Isaac Quaynor methinks. Murphy will return and I'd give him Tex Walker. This allows Darcy Moore to intercept. But we're missing Howe, that's for sure. Fingers crossed he's back before the end of the year. Come on Howey!

I have faith in the forward line, but I do feel for Mihocek. I mean, how much longer can the guy still play the bulldozer role? He must be made of granite, but he too looks a bit sore and was quiet on Anzac day. That's why Kruger has to stay in the team. He didn't do much on Anzac day. But he's a competitor too. Crashed packs, ran like a madman, fumbled the ball regularly and with unusual ferocity. No one fumbles the ball with the same intensity as Kruger. We need that type of fumbling, that's for sure.

Here are the likely changes:

In: Adams, Murphy
Out: Markov (he's been good but sorry Oleg), Ruscoe (that's equally harsh but it's either him or Murphy).

The Washup

Pies by 5 points in a brutal affair!

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Out: Krueger, Elliot.

In: Murphy, Adams.

Frampton to take ruck duties.

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This game is a danger game. I'd only rest players if we think they won't perform for the game. So I'd keep Mitchell and Pendles both in. Adelaide have one of the best forwardlines in the game, so we need to stay tall too.

In: Adams, Murphy.
Out: Markov, WHE.

B: Quaynor, Murphy, Ruscoe
HB: Noble, Moore, Maynard
C: J Daicos, De Goey, N Daicos
HF: Hill, Krueger, McCreery
F: Elliott, Mihocek, Johnson
R: Frampton, Mitchell, Adams
I: Crisp, Pendles, Sidebottom, Ginnivan.
Sub: Markov/Macrae/Carmichael
Seriously posters thinking we will drop Elliot? Did he get a concussion I didn't notice. Sometimes this thread seems to be about the vindictive attitude of posters rather than speculation on what will likely happen. Elliot isn't going to be dropped.

He is highly unlikely to get dropped but his been horribly out of form this year

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Jeeez guys, ease up on the Elliott talk, the dude is clearly playing banged up, yet he still set up a few crucial goals and yea he sprayed a couple, both him and Mihocek need a week off and are covered in bruises but those two playing at 85% are still better than whoever would replace them.
This is gonna be a very tough game to win on the back of a 4 day break or whatever we have.

Could be a rest anyone who’s slightly sore kinda game and breath a sigh of relief we got out 4 points today.
Long season ahead
I bet Markov doesn't get dropped. He adds heaps of pace, tries to take it on a bit and has kept his last 2 weeks opponents to a total of one goal. Same goes with Freddy, he's just getting dropped
Tough at this stage I'd probably say

IN: Adams, Murphy
OUT: Kreuger, Markov (started poorly but played well in the second half)
Kruger was clearly under done and needs to regain competence in the VFL. Not necessarily his fault but hey, circumstances.
Was not keen of Ruscoe's first half -cost us two goals but then was better in second half. Go again.
Markov is a trier with dubious disposal skills.

Would like to give Kelly another run, perhaps with WHE as the sub.

We have Adams and Murphy to come in and hopefully Cox.

Out: Kruger, Markov, ? if Cox is available
In: Adams, Murphy, Cox?
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