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May 24, 2006
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Suggestion from Elite Crow... this thread is for people to post rumours they've heard or picked up in the media or, let's face it, made up themselves.

There is to be no discussion of the rumours in this thread. That will allow people to easily sift through the juicy lies at their leisure, without having to wade through pages and pages of arguments to find the tiny morsels of fiction.

Feel free to quote and copy rumours other posters have posted in other threads. Whether on our board or elsewhere.

If something interesting pops up that you want to talk about, query or comment on then please quote and copy it into the linked thread below.

The actual rumour discussion can take place in this thread:
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May 17, 2009
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I'll repost the ones I was told from the other thread just to see how on the money they are

Some things I got told tonight from a few different places. Not the usual one, but makes for some fun discussion I guess.

Cogs to Hawks with Patton. Also interested in Keath and Cedric Cox from Brisbane. Into Lachie Whitfield as a long shot too, either as a trade this year or free agent next.
Hawks came for Fogarty, we straight up told them he wasn't being traded under any circumstances.
Blues getting Jack Martin and Sam Gray as their Coniglio consolation prize with Tom Papley if they can get the Swans to agree.
Hawks interest in Greenwood has cooled (for obvious reasons if the Cogs rumour is true)
Tim Broomhead back to SA (assuming Port)
We're still chasing Scharenberg from the Pies.
Ben Ronke, Lewis Taylor and Ed Langdon all a chance to end up at the Demons.
Dockers looking at adding Powell-Pepper, Tim Kelly and Angus Brayshaw.
Also Bombers, Pies and Demons into JJ.
Mark Brayshaw going to Freo as their new CEO. Reason Angus will be on the move as well, with both his brothers also being in Perth now as well.


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Jan 14, 2005
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My understanding of the Brad Crouch situation is (albeit third hand):
  • He is 26 next year.
  • This next contract takes him to 30 and will be his last chance to make some coin.
  • He wants to maximise his earnings.
  • If the crows are willing to pay the coin he wants, he will stay.
  • If not, he will go elsewhere.
I think it's pretty reasonable for any player to do the same to be honest.

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