Official Match Thread Season 27 Round 15 - Las Vegas Bears vs Dragons FFC at The Stadium in the Sky


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With the recent intrusion from Adsense, some of the more astute in the BigFooty community have seized upon the heightened scrutiny from highly paid executives as a way to make some extra cash or kick start a new career. The Jesus and myself are in the process of finalising our presentation and are looking for investors to help fund the visual portion of our brilliant idea.

Where we rehash an old movie, using the same plot with cheaper actors and market it exclusively to one of the major streaming platforms.



A ragtag bunch of ecclectic, slightly nerdy friends the Bears search desperately for the ghosts of their friends the Dragons, who they believe exist but they are unable to see them. It turns out the Dragons skipper PhenomenalV1 has been taken over by an evil spirit that has kept him from match threads and forced him to be it's vessel to pump out **** media. The evil forces threaten to possess upstart rookies AceAndy & Cold Sober if the menace is not put to an end by our heroes!

The Las Vegas Bears have cast themselves as saviours of the league. Here to exterminate and/ or capture the troublesome Dragon ghosts,
but many people are questioning their very existence. Do the dragons even exist?

If PhenomenalV1 is the gate keeper does that make AceAndy the key master?

Who wants to be slimed by (((insert dragon poster)))))

Las Vegas Bears vs Dragons FFC at The Stadium in the Sky

The two top 8 sides face off with both sides still a mathematical chance of making the top 8, while for the hometown Bears, the clash looms as a must win match to secure their finals hopes.

S27 RD5
Dragons FFC 17.7 (109) drew Las Vegas Bears 17.7 (109)
S26 RD8 Dragons FFC 8.13 (61) lost to Las Vegas Bears 19.12 (126)
S25 RD12 Dragons FFC 17.4 (106) defeated Las Vegas Bears 12.7 (79)

Rookie sensations AceAndy & Cold Sober are definitely translating their match thread form onto the qooty field, with CS in aprticular producing a herculean effort on Sunday, while ruckman Knifey Spoony will keep the Bears big men on guard. Recruit xenxen is producing some fantastic form for her new side, while 2nd year star Cadaver has hit form in the second half of the season while his fellow 2nd year teammate Test Tickle remains one of the top quality mids across the competition.

Dragons by 11 points

Make sure to visit our gofundme page to show your financial support for our vision, you can also subscribe to our instagram and follow us on Twitter!

Captains, please remember to post your team sheets in the Official Team Sheet thread by 11.59pm Thursday

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