The Jazz bf thread

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Apr 11, 2015
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On some thread, somewhere, I said, the more music you listen to, the more you appreciate the skills of the musicians that produce the music and eventually you end up in the jazz area just to hear really skilled players. This is one of the bands that did it for me. My daughter flipped out when she looked at the CD case that said "Fourplay" and then the track that said, "Between The Sheets". She looked at me and said "Dad, is this some sort of porno". I said, "yes, but only for the ears".
Fourplay, Bob James (keyboards) Nathan East (5 string bass), Lee Ritnour (guitar), Harvey Mason (drums) are the band with Chaka Khan (vocals) and Philip Bailey & Phil Perry (elastic bands) for this track.
This is a live performance.
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Sep 21, 2017
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Started listening to a lot of Japanese jazz and fusion lately. Had no idea what was out there, there's some incredible stuff.

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