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Oct 10, 2006
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What was amazing was the amount of youth. We played 10 first or second year players in a finals win.

First year players - Morabito, Fyfe, Robertson, Crichton and Silvangi

Second year players - Hill, Suban, Walters, De Boer and Broughton

Harvey may not have been a great coach but he gave the young players opportunity and a lot of confidence. 2010 was one of my favourite years as a supporter


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Jun 7, 2015
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Anyone got the link for this? Cheers
So Justin, here’s your contract. It’s a three-year deal. Welcome back to the Fremantle Football Club.”
Fine print: Your star forward will go on personal leave. Your 300-game veteran will break his leg playing with his kids. Both of your key defenders will go down. Your recruit from St Kilda will look great before he breaks down just before round one. Ultimately, none of it will matter because the entire season will be shut down after just one week due to a global virus pandemic. You will have to stand down almost your entire football department and the future of the club will be at risk.
“Just sign at the bottom here. Good luck.”
Today marks six months since Justin Longmuir was installed as Fremantle coach.
At the time, Dockers president Dale Alcock said he stood out as someone who had been preparing for the role for 10 years.
As it turned out, nothing could have prepared Longmuir for what he was about to be thrown into.
A bit like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who came to power to sort out the Brexit mess, Longmuir has taken on a completely different job to the one he thought he was accepting.
What an extraordinary start to an AFL coaching career.
Justin Longmuir, coach of the Dockers coach addresses the team at the quarter time break during the 2020 Marsh Community Series.
Justin Longmuir, coach of the Dockers coach addresses the team at the quarter time break during the 2020 Marsh Community Series. Credit: Daniel Carson/AFL Photos/AFL via Getty Images
The COVID-19 crisis has no doubt challenged Longmuir in ways he would have never imagined, but in terms of his aspirations to survive and thrive in the AFL jungle, it should at least buy him time.
The 2021 season had loomed as make or break for Longmuir. Just like with Ross Lyon when he was sacked last year, the second-last year of a coach’s contract is usually judgment time.
That’s when boards make the decision to commit to an extension to provide stability and express solidarity, or decide to cut their losses.
In the post-coronavirus world, it’s hard to see any club sacking a contracted coach and paying him out. For the short to medium term, the AFL mightn’t even allow it.
So regardless of whether we fit some sort of season in this year, Longmuir can be confident he has two full years in 2021 and 2022 to show what he can do.
The 2022 season is an eternity away in the current environment and even though the footy world will be vastly different, there is one certainty. It will be crunch time.
Don’t discount the moons aligning for Longmuir if the Dockers are able to keep their squad together. Fremantle will hope to approach a sweet spot by 2022.
David Mundy, who has done well to still be going at 34, and Stephen Hill, whose end could be hastened by injury, might be the only significant retirements between now and then.
Match-winners Nat Fyfe and Michael Walters will be 30 and 31 and could still be near their peak given some luck with injury.
Justin Longmuir and president Dale Alcock at the announcement of Longmuir’s appointment on September 30 last year.
Justin Longmuir and president Dale Alcock at the announcement of Longmuir’s appointment on September 30 last year. Credit: Paul Kane/Paul Kane/Getty Images
Meanwhile, the next generation should have well and truly arrived. The Dockers took five top-10 draft picks from 2017-2019 and by the start of the 2022 season those boys will be men.
Andrew Brayshaw and Adam Cerra will be 22, Caleb Serong 21 and Hayden Young and Liam Henry both 20.
The curve ball thrown by the coronavirus crisis is what it means for the development of Young, Serong and Henry in particular.
That 2019 draft crop was arguably Fremantle’s most important since they took Paul Hasleby, Matthew Pavlich and Leigh Brown in the top five 20 years earlier.
Now at one of the most important development stages of their careers, the prized youngsters are not even at the club.
The WAFL might not get going at all this year and who knows what the competition will look like next year and beyond.
After four years of rebuilding, pain and stripping back, Longmuir has the raw ingredients to take the Dockers up the ladder.
His challenge is to do it in a new football landscape none of us could have imagined.

Piggy Smalls

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Nov 30, 2018
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As someone who can't stand Kane Kornes... This was really excellent.

"Bring your old frail skinny bones with me, we're going to the goal square."

Good job Fyfey.
I was just coming on here to post this.

On the flip side, does that mean Fyfe is partly responsible for the birth of Kornes’ media career? Absolute flog, pays Freo no respect whatsoever.

Monument Hills

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Dec 12, 2017
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Yep Kane, the bloke who whinges about football congestion ruining the game, partic. Lyon and Freo, yet spent his whole footy career trying to stop the game's best players from actually using their amazing skills to entertain the paying spectators. I liked Chad though. That guy could really play.

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stax on the mull

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Dec 26, 2010
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Fyfe was BOG. His footskills were outstanding and he speared some quality passes but his clean ball handling on another level - some of his pick ups going flat out at the ball. Watching it again I'd go votes for Fyfe, Johnson, Sandilands and Clarke and a raffle for the 5th best.

Scarlett, what a goose. He gave two goals away in a row when they had the lead- Mellington chased him down holding the ball and then he punches Ballas.
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Jun 21, 2013
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Ultimately that 2007-2013 Geelong side and the 2012-2015 Hawthorn sides were always going to be very difficult to beat. Don’t care what anyone says - talent wise compared to us was worlds apart. We did well against Geelong because Ballantyne, Barlow, Sandilands and Pav would destroy them almost every time without fail.

I sometimes wonder if we’d had a second key forward (even Kepler would’ve been good) instead of Clarke and one of Ibbotson, C.Pearce, McPhee or even Broughton instead of Sutcliffe down back whether we would’ve won but I’m still of the opinion Ross Lyon couldn’t have done much more with what he had. I’m thankful for that as a Freo fan and will always remember Ross Lyon’s time here fondly.

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