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Argh, rough to see. But we have a very good fighter taking over here, and the division is well and truly alive.

Not sure we've seen knockout power like this at featherweight before.
Dumb ****ing attitude like Cowboy Cerrone

Taking stupid quick fights and then fights without proper recovery time

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I see this being a bad day for the Aussies. Obviously I hope I'm wrong.

Volk vs Topuria - Coming back from a head kick KO loss within three months? Dicey dicey.

Whittaker vs Costa - Whittaker's last win against somebody who can throw a punch was three years ago. Dicey dicey.

Neal vs Garry - NFI, just looking forward to seeing Garry actually fight.

Merab vs Cejudo - Merab comfortably. I thought Henry was 'retired'.

Hernandez vs Kopylov - Guessing Hernandez.

Whittaker saved by the bell. Other than that it all went more or less as expected imo.

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