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I finally found a vector image of the Fitzroy lion. I've converted it to a rather large raster image for anyone to use.


Fitzroy Lion Logo, Brisbane Lions Logo 2013 2012 2014 Fitzroy Football Club etc

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I made this on Photoshop specifically for craegus

It's a rather large template of ISC, New Balance, Puma and Kooga. It has all of the team's designs in them (besides Adelaide's and West Coast's clashes, because I couldn't be bothered making them and also besides Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Gold Coast, Hawthorn and North Melbourne because they have different manufacturers.) Above are four examples of it.

Download it here (I think you may need to register, but it's worth it, they don't send you spam or anything):
I have started turning Essee Cross's PhotoShop template into a Paint version, because I love it and really want to use it. This is what i have done so far...
ISC template:
KooGa template:
Puma template:
WCE Wings:
WCE Wings.png


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Here is the lite version of the 2013 AFL template I was planning on releasing, with a back, shorts, and socks. Like the Warm-up Top template I made earlier, it does not have any designs on there. What it does have is all 2013 AFL manufacturer's collars, side panels, shorts piping, etc.
Just tagging some people who have wanted it at some point in the past.... [user]Volta[/user] [user]gysenn[/user] [user]dylan8[/user] [user]craegus[/user] [user]E92_[/user] [user]akkaps[/user] [user]100volt1[/user]


Download it here (I think you may need to register, but it's worth it, they don't send you spam or anything):
For anyone who wants to make football (soccer) kits in photoshop like the ones I have made, and don't have the template pack, here is the link to the forum thread that has the latest download links (broken up into 6 files totaling 662.7mb):

SS'09-14 Template Megapack

Template allows you to make designs like this:

Mods please update this post. I have included the updated link

Which Includes
-New Adidas Collar
-New Nike Collar
-New NB Collar
-Adidas Logos
-Nike Logos
-NB Logos
-Updated Kooga Collar
-New AFL Black Patch for Reebok, Adidas etc
-New AFL Red Patch for New Balance
-New Side Panels New Balance
-Every teams sponsors
-Designs for every team including port vee,bulldogs hoops, gws design, new eagles away head and curved and straight sash just to name a few

This is the coat of arms Australia uses on all their kits. I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet so I made one as close as I could to the real thing. Even though it's low-res it looks fine on a kit anyway, because it doesn't need to be that big
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