Player Watch Welcome to Richmond pick 43 Liam Fawcett

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We picked him off one elite game, which our guys saw.

Hope ti wasn't just a fluke but we have seen the genuine talent and we unlock it.

Ricky but worth it for what he could be,

At that pick a risk isn't a bad thing. Most low risk guys at pick 40+ won't make it anyway. So rolling the dice could be a good bet.
Seems a reasonable size already for a taller player at his age. Good frame, attitude to footy.

Pleased with the pick, he's not too tall to be completely lumbering but not midsized key forward either.

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Big lad and you can tell his frame isn't that skinny rake type where he won't put on any weight. He seems like a Johnno Brown type lad, has the right head on his shoulders.
And the hair too! Chimp rival here!
Looks similar to a young nick larkey look forward to see how he goes
Hopefully he can mark like Stewart Loewe and kick like Tony Lockett.
While researching for the draft this was a kid that grabbed my attention as someone who'd be a handy pick up if we missed Archer Reid. Really like the way he not only works hard to present as an option 40-60m out, but also works hard once the ball hits the ground close to goal to keep the ball in the zone and where possible hit the scoreboard. Will be looking forward to seeing him in the VFL and how he develops.

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