What are you listening to right now? Pt VI

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Sep 3, 2005
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Baghdad Bombers
No worries, I've worked with a few promotors in the past, providing legal contractual advice and for what they do and the risks they undertake, most of them are paid a pittance and without insurance, some simply couldn't exist.
Huge amounts of day/hours, coordinating and managing checklists into checklist details and then the artist arrives and says; 'don't like the lighting, the stage is too high, get rid of the first 10 rows of seats, why isn't there fresh fruit in my green room?' etc. etc.
Yeah I remember reading an article on AJ and Soundwave. These types of people are king's amongst men.

Known a few organising shows in Adelaide back In the day.
Use plebs had to organise our own 🀣

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Jun 13, 2014
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My older sister saw Donna Summer live in the early 80's and claimed then and for years later, Summer was the best live singer she had ever heard..?

I fobbed off her opinion mainly as I considered disco/techno mostly all rubbish - until many years later a heavy metal mate of mine was dragged along by his wife to a Donna Summer concert and was stunned by her performance, reckons she was incredible..!

Here is Summer performing the same track live in 1977 and also her iconic MacArthur Park live 28 years later. Umm, yeah OK, she can sing...

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