Who is coming up here


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Jan 3, 2012
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My flights up were cancelled and delayed. Flew QANTAS, Melbourne to Sydney. Initial 6:30am flight cancelled, put onto 7:30am flight which left at 8:30am. Gerard Whately was on our flight. Flight from Sydney to Gold Coast was also delayed a couple of hours but arrived at 2pm and got to Brisbane at 5:30pm via train. Fantastic day and came back Monday afternoon (more delayed QANTAS flights from Gold Coast to Sydney!).

There were lots of Tiger fans on the Gold Coast too!
Should have opened the door at 30000 feet and thrown the campaigner out

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Sep 13, 2015
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This thread nearly gave me a heart attack. Opened it, saw posts from ticket sales from the QF, people saying they’ve ‘got em’ and whatever and I thought prelim tickets went on sale without me knowing. Then I saw the post date.

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