Who is the the games best defender currently? What defender has had the best season? ( can be lockdown or medium).

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Nick Vlastuin for medium defender.
Sam Taylor never gets beaten, if he was playing for a Victorian team his profile would be enormous

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These are two different questions.

I would say Taylor this year. Sicily a shout.

Over the careers of the defenders currently playing it is 4 AA from 6 years Tom Stewart, unless someone else has some better record I don't know about. Shout out ot J McGovern who was a beast in the day. Now a beast only in catering.

Who is the best small defender (that actually plays defence)?
As good as Tom Stewart is no disrespect, I would not put him in the same breath as Alex Rance it's crazy that is going to win 5 AA's in a row like Rance did.
and may be bias,
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One player who isn't there yet but might be soon in the discussion is Tyler Young at Richmond. Started playing footy in 2019 in Albury, went to Frankston, but only played a few games due to Covid season cancellation, then 14 games in Richmond's VFL side before a rookie promotion this year.

(from AFL website) Twenty-one players classified as defenders or key backs have participated in at least 35 contests this year.

Young has the equal-second best loss rate of those 21 players, tied with James Sicily at a miserly 14.3 per cent from his 49 contests (with Jacob Weitering in first with 10.9) meaning he neutralises or wins 85.7 per cent of his battles.

Not bad for your first year. A lockdown defender but has good skills so will only get better as a general player.
So many great defenders at the moment.
Moore , quaynor , Murphy
Taylor , Stewart, weitering
May , Sicily and plenty more.
All Australian defender will be the hardest to pick this year going to be a case for anyone who misses out
As good as Tom Stewart is no disrespect, I would not put him in the same breath as Alex Rance it's crazy that is going to win 5 AA's in a row like Rance did.

I disagree. You obviously can't compare them as Rance played most of his career as a fullback but Stewart is just ridiculously fast, a better ball user, and incredibly good at winning ground balls. He's won a B&F, he's carried the defense in a premiership season, and we saw finals derailed without him in 2021. What more can he do in 7 years of footy? At the rate he's going he'll blow past Rance.
Sam Taylor
Darcy Moore
Tom Stewart
James Sicily
Harris Andrews
Noah Balta
Jacob Weitering

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If you want a defender who actually defends an opponent (and possibly, even if not!), then it's Sam Taylor. Notwithstanding that he lost a few games through injury (which may cost him an AA jacket), this year:
  • he has become just the second player to be ranked number one for both winning and (not) losing defensive one-on-one contests in the same season (Eagles Jeremy McGovern the only player to achieve the same feat, in 2016)
  • his one-on-one win rate sits at 61 per cent (well above McGovern's 47%)
  • his loss rate is 7 per cent (better than McGovern’s 15%)
  • he's the leading KPD for intercepts per game (10.83, ahead of Sicily 9.43, Moore 8.84, Balta 8.61, then Wilkie, Ballard, Lever, Stewart, Aliir, Vlastuin, Andrews, Collins)
  • he's the leading KPD for contested marks per game (2.25, ahead of Ballard 2.21, Moore 2.16, Balta 2.11, Sicily 2.00, then Weitering, Barrass, McKay, Aliir, Cox, Andrews)
  • he's sixth for one percenters amongst KPDs
  • all while matching up on the opponent's No 1 KPF
What separates Taylor from Moore in this discussion is that the latter isn’t dealing with as many inside 50 entries and one-on-ones as Taylor. Collingwood is the third-best team for inside 50s conceded this season — the Giants are the fifth-worst — and Moore is only in 2.9 one-on-one contests per game, compared to Taylor’s 4.0.

Sam Taylor by a country mile.

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