Player Sponsorship 2020 Swans Board Sponsorship - Jake Lloyd

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Jan 11, 2003
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Officially our sponsored player for 2020!

Jake joins Callum Mills (2016), George Hewett (2017), Gary Rohan (2018) and Harry Cunningham (2019), who have all been sponsored by the Swans board in the past.

We are organising badges for those who contributed to the board's Redback membership this year, which has a Player Sponsorship feature as one of its benefits. Thank you to all who contributed financially. If you contributed $50 or more, you should also receive a premium BF membership. If you haven't, please let me know.


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Feb 1, 2012
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Some so called Swans fans on Sydnetmy Swans I terstate Crew are bagging Lloyd. One posted a pic of Goodes, Buddy and Mickey O saying they are real players.

This was my answer

Goodes was a 3 timer I think? Kelly too. O'Loughlin won in '98. But you must remember forwards do not win any awards. They normally go to mids.
Goodes won in 2003, 2006 & 2011. Paul Kelly actually won 4,' 92, '93,' 96 &, '97. So he Trump's the lot except of course Skilton who won the B & F that is now named after him on 9 times and Bedford. Josh Kennedy has also won 3. So why pick just these guys? As great as they were. Oh and Buddy won none. But he won the Coleman twice. Once at Hawks and once at Swans. He was also Swans leading goal kicker on 5 occasions and Hawks 6. But as, I say forwards do not win medals anymore.

But nor do backs normally but two backs have bucked the trend. Jake Lloyd and Dane Rampe. Be proud of them. Do not demean them. Be proud of all our great players. To win even one Bob Skilton shows you had an outstanding season. They do not give these things away. They are earned. By the way another player with multiple B & F wins is Peter Bedford who won 5.

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