List Mgmt. 2020 Trade and List Management Thread III

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 4, 2001
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Listening to Jaidyn Stephenson AFL Trade Radio they really treated him like sh*t.

He sounds like he's got a point to prove and really wants to give them the middle finger with what he might achieve over his career for us.
Guys on Foxtel a little harsh on Stephenson with what he said. I think that he was honest and while he disagreed with one part of the criticism, he was open and accepting of the football side. I am sure he isn't a rocket scientist, but he at least comes across as genuine.

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Club Legend
Jul 1, 2014
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I’m astounded by how well Stephenson is talking and presenting himself. Not what I was expecting at all, he seems like a very smart guy and I think we’ve picked up an absolutely beauty at a steal of a price. Very excited.
He is getting bombarded by these guys. Lloydy is asking all the questions we want to ask too.
Good interview


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
They were shopping him before even talking to him about it? And when confronted Bucks said it was because 'he hadn't opened up to the group'?

Jesus christ what the fu** are collingwood doing. They've f’ed their cap and their person management seems to have reverted to when Bucks first took over AKA it's fu**ign shiiiiiiiiiiit.

I have ZERO doubt now that Bucks told Treloar the other players wanted him gone, or something very very close to that.


Club Legend
Aug 12, 2017
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Our biggest achievement so far has been attracting 4 players to our club after finishing 17 and having no senior coach. And the 2 players we lost were basically pushed out the door. My only gripe so far has been the BBB compensation.
Dont think we would have ever pushed Higgo out the door. Mutual agreement would be a better term for Higgo.

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Rad Roo

Premiership Player
Aug 2, 2017
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Any doubts about our new regime has all but burnt away with our shrewd recruitment.

Got Corr to come to us should be considered a masterstroke as he is a structural.

Young could be an inspired choice to replace a small fast defender. He cost us almost nothing.

Atu and Stephenson could be the game breaker with their speed.

Then we add someone like Holland then we will have set an excellent core list.

We then pump as much games into them quite phasing out the likes of Atley, Hall, Tyson, Anderson, Dumont, Ziebell and finally Cunnington over the next couple of years. The current crop is probably our best young list since the early 90s.

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