2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Game 45 India v Netherlands 12/11 1900hrs @ M Chinnaswamy Stadium

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Engelbrecht doesnt look like he has learnt lesson from last game.

44 off 78 when your chasing 411. Seriously.

They were never a chance of chasing down a total that big, the best they could hope for is to bat out the overs and get a respectable score.

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Tough end to the tournament for the Dutch but they can seriously hold their heads high for how they've performed overall. 2 wins, one a convincing one against a semi finalist. No one thought they'd even get close to qualifying let alone making it and snagging some victories.
What records are we expecting to be broken tonight?
Turns out, very few. Maybe the record ever arm bend in a legal delivery?

41 degrees in this picture.


He may well have broken that last night.

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-41 degrees
His arm is bent and it is straightened when he bowls. -ve +ve is irrelevant (unless you represent the BCCI) He gets extra acceleration through his hand by straightening his arm. He is a cheat.
As long as it’s straight at the time of release
That is NOT the rule. FFS actually learn the rules. It can be bent at the time of the release, as long as it doesn't straighten, it can be straight at the time of release as long as it wasn't bent, what it can't do, which this utter cheat does, is straighten from bent, by more than 15 degrees.

BCCI=ICC have said BUT BUT BUT it's hyper extension. It is impossible to get hyperextension without resistance at the end of the limb. Where is the invisible wall he's pushing against? There isn't one because BCCI=ICC are a bunch of corrupt cheats.

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