AFL Player # 3: Darcy Parish

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Can’t remember a Restricted Free Agent putting contract talks on hold till end of year and staying. (Apart from De Goey but that was bc of clauses in contract he never wanted to leave). Just got married reckon he’ll set up his life near Geelong.
If that's the road he takes, then all the best to him. I personally would not bat an eyelid over it.

Redman is the must sign for mine.

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Merrett 2021

Also no one said end of the year. They've just said "let the footy do the talking". Will be concerned if we get to July and they aren't even at the table to negotiate.
Actually Merrett signed mid year. And yes Parish said end of year in an interview with Twomey.

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Actually Merrett signed mid year.
We're currently in early May.

In May 2021, Zach Merrett was out of contract, and was quoted as follows:

In a candid interview with the Herald Sun, Merrett said he'd "like to see another few months" of consistent footy from his team in order for him to re-commit long term.​

May + a few months = very close to the end of the season.

With the benefit of hindsight, we know he signed before the end of June. But this time that year, he was saying things about waiting for a long time to make up his mind too.

And the more poignant answer to your question about a free agent who stayed at the last possible minute is Andrew Gaff. and boy did that cause some meltz

And yes Parish said end of year in an interview with Twomey.
Do you have a link and a quote? I can't find "end" anywhere. "later/deeper into the season", but not "end".

Best I can find from Twomey is as follows, dated March:

"ESSENDON star Darcy Parish is expected to wait until deeper into the season before opening contract talks as he enters the year as the game's No.1 free agent.​
The 2021 All-Australian is out of contract at the end of this season and will hold on jumping into discussions on a new deal as the Bombers' new era under coach Brad Scott takes shape."​

And then from today, a quote from Parish's manager, in an article by Beveridge:

"Darcy's having a really good start to his season," Rous said.​
"He's someone who is pretty relaxed with it all. He's just focusing largely on his footy and it's something we'll address later on in the season. It just gives you that chance to get a bit more information about everything. But so far, so good. It's quite positive."​

Words matter. No use stirring up a panic because someone said something when they actually didn't, and most especially when nothing out of the ordinary or particularly concerning has happened yet.

Parish never signs a contract this early in the year, and 'deeper' or 'later' doesn't mean he's going to wait until September any more than Merrett did. And even IF he did, Andrew Gaff.
All those that want him gone will now see how we function without him in the current setup.

In fact we all will whether we want him to stay or not. Did a calf at training.

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Twomey reporting a month on the sidelines

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