Traded #30: Brandon Zerk-Thatcher - 🚨 traded to the Pear, thanks for your service

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Maggie is the clear winner here. It’s not Margaret which is stupid. It’s also not berserker which is stupid.
maggie spinning GIF
It’ really is a fools errand to try to remotely come up with a nickname for a guy who undoubtedly already has one, given to him by his mates, and used every day.

Seeing as none of us will ever say his big footy nickname out loud to each other, he should simply be referred to here in writing as BZT because it’s short and easy to recognize.

B-zerk-er. Bezerker. Best nickname, encompasses everything in his name and ironic in that he's a fairly mellow character for a league footballer.

Also isn't stupid like M*rgaret

Is this what you were thinking of?


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Expected to be available against GWS
In more promising news, key defender Brandon Zerk-Thatcher is looming to be available for Sunday’s round four clash against GWS.

While Zerk-Thatcher (ankle) will have a slightly different training program, McPherson said the hope will be both players are able to play this weekend.

‘Thatch’ has progressed well over the weekend. The plan will be for him to complete some modified training over the next couple of days, before having him train fully on Friday and then be available for selection,” he said.
The lack of BZT, Phillips and Wright really exposes us in marking contents. So many of the guys on Saturday opted not to impact a marking contest and it was really frustrating.
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