Player Watch #34: Andrew Phillips - Named in the side against GWS - 7/5

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Brownlow Medallist
May 5, 2009
AFL Club
Feels like we signed Grundy, to be honest.

Anything to not have to watch Clarke again.

In reality he's a physical presence. He'll take a body and that about all we need next year.

I don't think he can be more than that.

Still also cant help but think of North colours...

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The Donners

Brownlow Medallist
Apr 26, 2007
AFL Club
Other Teams
Aston Villa
Look, he's average. But I think he isn't as far away from T Bell as it is. I think they might work in tandem?
I’m a TBell fan/advocate but even I thought he was cooked. Obviously plenty of negative talk on here but maybe he was carrying an injury (typical). When a big man does an ankle it obviously takes longer to heal. Hoping he bounces back but I as well as others have my concerns. If Draper is slow in getting back, can he at least hold his own?

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