7Cricket Vs Fox Cricket

Who has the better coverage?

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Jul 8, 2015
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This has always pissed me off a lot. Warne has usually been the biggest instigator of this too. Loved him as a bowler but as a commentator, I can't stand him. It's always the touring side's captain he's ripping into as well and drags it on for overs at a time. The australian bias is way over the top with Warne which makes it embarrassing to watch sometimes as an Australian fan.

The coverage this year has been a lot better and I do like the variety Fox is bringing this year with Isa & Neroli. Isa has such a calming voice you could listen to for hours I might add.
It's pretty cringe-worthy on Australian commentary because it's already very biased.

However it was a breath of fresh air in the 2013 Ashes when Warne was pretty much the only one willing to critisise Alastair Cook, calling him a negative captain and that it would contribute to them getting a big reality check when they came to Australia. He went into detail and was pretty much the only one who saw it coming. Hearing him in England is probably the only time he's enjoyable.


Nov 7, 2019
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I think they could play better. But anyway, I've been looking recently for some great t10 league live streaming service about cricket, do you know any? And is it possible that Delhi Bulls could those guys from Deccan Gladiators? Or for nowadays it's impossible? Maybe they simply need a new coach, or something else?
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