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Should the draft extend beyond 30 rounds?

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Only Way Is Up
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Last Year's Winner!

Congratulations to Mr MysteryGuest for taking out the Points Championship in the 2018/19 season

Also congratulations to... ah... Scorpus for winning the Voting Championship last year.

New Rules and Changes

1. Only trading of draft positions will be allowed. No pick or player swaps during or after the draft. After your draft position is determined, you may trade it before the draft starts with another participant. This would swap all of your picks with their picks.

2. If you believe you will be unavailable to take your pick, you can message me some preferences and I will pick the next available player in your list for you.

3. There will be a period at the end of the draft where you can delist any players you have drafted and re-draft from the remaining pool. This will come in handy if a player you draft picks up a long term injury while the draft is running. The order of re-drafting is first come, first served. Players who are delisted are ineligible for re-drafting by any team.

4. For the points system, I have removed the points for Rising Star winners. This will not factor into the equation in 2020

Regular Rules

5. Your squad can contain a minimum of 26 and a maximum of 30 players. I recommend taking 30 players to maximize your chance of a high score in the Points System

6. There is a two hour time limit to take your pick between the hours of 9am and 8pm ACDT Monday to Friday, and 10am to 6pm Saturday to Sunday. There is no time limit outside these hours. The time limit also does not apply on Christmas Day (December 25th) and Boxing Day (December 26th). Please be understanding that many players have lives outside of BigFooty (hard to believe, I know) so don't be annoyed if a player takes their entire 2 hours to pick.

6.1 If you don't pick within your allocated time, the next player can draft immediately, however you can come back and draft at any time. If one of your picks is skipped, all future picks are also skipped until you return. Please message me preferences if you think you will be away for a while

6.2 Please tag the next player after you pick.

7. If you pick a player that has already been selected, or isn't on an AFL list, you can make your selection again at any time. However, you will be deemed to have made a selection so the game will continue; the participant after you can immediately start drafting, for example.

7.1 It's best practice in the game to not mention AFL players who haven't been selected yet in the general game thread

8. Players who join an AFL list during the game, eg. as a delisted free agent or through the SPP, are immediately eligible for drafting in this game.

Ways to Win

--Voting System--

Once the game is finished, everyone will need to rank the top 8 teams and submit them to me via PM. You will have several weeks post draft to complete this. Expect follow up messages. The rankings will be combined into an overall top 8 for the competition.

When the top 8 is determined, the top 4 will go into a playoff system (1v4, 2v3) where you will vote again on the direct team matchups and who you think would be more likely to win. This progresses to a Grand Final, and the winner of that gets crowned Winner by Voting.

--Points System--

This is determined after the 2020 season concludes. Each player you draft accrues points as follows:
  • Games Played: 1 point per game
  • Brownlow Medal: 20 points for 1st place, 15 points for 2nd place, 13 points for 3rd place down to 1 point for 15th place
  • All Australian: 15 points for team, 5 points for squad
  • Coleman Medal: 15 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 15th place in the goal kicking list
  • Club B&F: 10 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 10th place
  • AFL Player Ratings: 10 points for 1st ranking at the player's club, down to 0 points for 30th ranking
  • AFLCA Coaches Award: 10 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 10th place
  • Norm Smith Medal: 10 points
  • 22under22: 5 points for team
  • Premiership Player: 5 points for each

  • Every player drafted accrues points in full, up until a maximum of 484 games (22 players x 22 games) are played across your squad.
  • If your squad plays more than 484 games in total, the score for your lowest scoring players will not be counted proportional to how many games over the 484 limit your squad is
  • For example if your squad plays 490 games, and your lowest scoring player plays 10 games, 6/10 games will not count for that player, so only 40% of their score will be added to your total
There are also positional restrictions to ensure you don't draft a team of midfielders
  • Your team of 22 must include a minimum of 6 forwards, 6 defenders, and 6 midfielders.
  • Your team of 22 must have at least 2 rucks. Each ruck must average at least 2 hitouts per match to qualify.
  • Your team of 22 must have at least 2 key position forwards and at least 2 key position defenders.
  • Your emergency list must contain at least 1 defender and at least 1 forward.
  • All positions except for second ruck to be defined by the AFL Player Ratings System

  • (Positional requirements are only to stop people 'cheating' by selecting an entire team of midfielders. I'm usually quite lenient on this aspect)
  • Failing to meet the positional requirements will result in 1/22th of your score being deducted for each required player that you fail to include in your squad.
  • For example if your best 22 only has 5 defenders, 4.5% of your final score will be deducted
The team with the most points at the conclusion of the 2020 season is concluded Winner by Points

Tips for the points system (for newcomers)

1. Draft players who you think will be All Australian. When there are none left, draft players who will place in the top 10 of the B&F. When there are none of those, draft players who will play 22 games.

2. A significant chunk of points are allocated to games played. Players with high games counts also tend to win awards and place in the B&F. Therefore in the later rounds it's generally a better strategy to draft mediocre players who are fringe best 22, than speculative players who might become best 22. This is especially true for younger players.

3. Be aware of the AFL Player Ratings. Highly ranked players there can improve your score even if they don't play. Conversely, young players enter the system with very low points from Player Ratings, so drafting first or second year players isn't always advisable

4. Try not to overrate Adelaide Crows players. Generally these players are snapped up sooner than they should be. Meanwhile players from a team like the Gold Coast can be on the board longer than they should be

5. Grab a key position forward in the first two rounds, otherwise they will be snapped up quickly. This happens every year
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Only Way Is Up
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
The draft order is in! It's been randomly generated this year.

1. Danger in Texas
2. Coopers
3. Pea Nut
4. deaneus
5. roo2macca
6. skam85
7. Donkey Magoo
8. Scorpus
9. Danger Zone
11. Crow_68
12. Pilchard_Adams
13. Mego Red
14. 1990crow
15. Drugs are Bad Mackay?
16. ShadeyP
17. Freddy Bassett

This will repeat through the remaining rounds
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Only Way Is Up
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Round 1

1) Danger in Texas - Nat Fyfe (Fremantle)
2) Coopers - Brodie Grundy (Collingwood)
3) Pea Nut - Patrick Cripps (Carlton)
4) deaneus - Jeremy Cameron (GWS)
5) roo2macca - Dustin Martin (Richmond)
6) skam85 - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)
7) Donkey Magoo - Lachie Neale (Brisbane)
8) Scorpus - Tom Lynch (Richmond)
9) Danger Zone - Max Gawn (Melbourne)
10) FAITH - Josh Kelly (GWS)
11) Crow_68 - Tim Kelly (West Coast)
12) Pilchard_Adams - Ben Brown (North Melbourne)
13) Mego Red - Lachie Whitfield (GWS)
14) 1990crow - Marcus Bontempelli (Western Bulldogs)
15) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Jordan De Goey (Collingwood)
16) ShadeyP - Jack Macrae (Western Bulldogs)
17) Freddy Bassett - Jeremy McGovern (West Coast)

Round 2

18) Freddy Bassett - Elliot Yeo (West Coast)
19) ShadeyP - Charlie Cameron (Brisbane)
20) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Michael Walters (Fremantle)
21) 1990crow - Tom Hawkins (Geelong)
22) Mego Red - Clayton Oliver (Melbourne)
23) Pilchard_Adams - Stephen Coniglio (GWS)
24) Crow_68 - Jack Darling (West Coast)
25) FAITH - Alex Rance (Richmond)
26) Danger Zone - Adam Treloar (Collingwood)
27) Scorpus - Andrew Gaff (West Coast)
28) Donkey Magoo - Harris Andrews (Brisbane)
29) skam85 - James Sicily (Hawthorn)
30) roo2macca - Jack Riewoldt (Richmond)
31) deaneus - Dayne Zorko (Brisbane)
32) Pea Nut - Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn)
33) Coopers - Lance Franklin (Sydney)
34) Danger in Texas - Zach Merrett (Essendon)

Round 3

35) Danger in Texas - Josh Kennedy (West Coast)
36) Coopers - Brad Crouch (Adelaide)
37) Pea Nut - Devon Smith (Essendon)
38) deaneus - Dion Prestia (Richmond)
39) roo2macca - Shannon Hurn (West Coast)
40) skam85 - Josh Dunkley (Western Bulldogs)
41) Donkey Magoo - Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
42) Scorpus - Tim Taranto (GWS)
43) Danger Zone - Luke Shuey (West Coast)
44) FAITH - Rory Sloane (Adelaide)
45) Crow_68 - Nick Haynes (GWS)
46) Pilchard_Adams - Mark Blicavs (Geelong)
47) Mego Red - Jarrod Witts (Gold Coast)
48) 1990crow - Toby Greene (GWS)
49) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Rowan Marshall (St Kilda)
50) ShadeyP - Dylan Shiel (Essendon)
51) Freddy Bassett - Joe Daniher (Essendon)

Round 4

52) Freddy Bassett - Aaron Naughton (Western Bulldogs)
53) ShadeyP - Hugh McCluggage (Brisbane)
54) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Michael Hurley (Essendon)
55) 1990crow - Matt Crouch (Adelaide)
56) Mego Red - Jack Billings (St Kilda)
57) Pilchard_Adams - Dane Rampe (Sydney)
58) Crow_68 - Tom Stewart (Geelong)
59) FAITH - Dylan Grimes (Richmond)
60) Danger Zone - Taylor Walker (Adelaide)
61) Scorpus - Ben Cunnington (North Melbourne)
62) Donkey Magoo - Nic Naitanui (West Coast)
63) skam85 - Jack Gunston (Hawthorn)
64) roo2macca - Daniel Talia (Adelaide)
65) deaneus - Travis Boak (Port Adelaide)
66) Pea Nut - Isaac Heeney (Sydney)
67) Coopers - Phil Davis (GWS)
68) Danger in Texas - Jake Lloyd (Sydney)

Round 5

69) Danger in Texas - Steele Sidebottom (Collingwood)
70) Coopers - Mitch Duncan (Geelong)
71) Pea Nut - Rory Laird (Adelaide)
72) deaneus - Bachar Houli (Richmond)
73) roo2macca - Zac Williams (GWS)
74) skam85 - Stefan Martin (Brisbane)
75) Donkey Magoo - Harry Himmelberg (GWS)
76) Scorpus - Luke Parker (Sydney)
77) Danger Zone - Seb Ross (St Kilda)
78) FAITH - Brodie Smith (Adelaide)
79) Crow_68 - Taylor Adams (Collingwood)
80) Pilchard_Adams - James Worpel (Hawthorn)
81) Mego Red - Brad Hill (St Kilda)
82) 1990crow - Trent Cotchin (Richmond)
83) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Darcy Moore (Collingwood)
84) ShadeyP - Robbie Tarrant (North Melbourne)
85) Freddy Bassett - Connor McKenna (Essendon)
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Only Way Is Up
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Round 6

86) Freddy Bassett - Jack Crisp (Collingwood)
87) ShadeyP - Jeremy Finlayson (GWS)
88) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Eric Hipwood (Brisbane)
89) 1990crow - Steven May (Melbourne)
90) Mego Red - Jake Lever (Melbourne)
91) Pilchard_Adams - Sam Walsh (Carlton)
92) Crow_68 - Adam Tomlinson (Melbourne)
93) FAITH - Reilly O'Brien (Adelaide)
94) Danger Zone - Jaeger O'Meara (Hawthorn)
95) Scorpus - Tom McDonald (Melbourne)
96) Donkey Magoo - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
97) skam85 - David Astbury (Richmond)
98) roo2macca - Jacob Hopper (GWS)
99) deaneus - Todd Goldstein (North Melbourne)
100) Pea Nut - Caleb Daniel (Western Bulldogs)
101) Coopers - Ollie Wines (Port Adelaide)
102) Danger in Texas - Ben McEvoy (Hawthorn)

Round 7

103) Danger in Texas - Lachie Hunter (Western Bulldogs)
104) Coopers - Tim Membrey (St Kilda)
105) Pea Nut - Alex Keath (Western Bulldogs)
106) deaneus - Gary Ablett (Geelong)
107) roo2macca - Shane Edwards (Richmond)
108) skam85 - Jarryd Lyons (Brisbane)
109) Donkey Magoo - Shaun Higgins (North Melbourne)
110) Scorpus - Jacob Weitering (Carlton)
111) Danger Zone - Jade Gresham (St Kilda)
112) FAITH - Jack Viney (Melbourne)
113) Crow_68 - Rory Lobb (Fremantle)
114) Pilchard_Adams - Connor Rozee (Port Adelaide)
115) Mego Red - Josh Bruce (St Kilda)
116) 1990crow - Jesse Hogan (Fremantle)
117) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Dyson Heppell (Essendon)
118) ShadeyP - Nick Vlastuin (Richmond)
119) Freddy Bassett - Adam Saad (Essendon)

Round 8

120) Freddy Bassett - Jack Martin (Carlton)
121) ShadeyP - Callum Mills (Sydney)
122) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Peter Wright (Gold Coast)
123) 1990crow - Jared Polec (North Melbourne)
124) Mego Red - Chad Wingard (Hawthorn)
125) Pilchard_Adams - Brad Sheppard (West Coast)
126) Crow_68 - Mitch Robinson (Brisbane)
127) FAITH - Scott Lycett (Port Adelaide)
128) Danger Zone - Angus Brayshaw (Melbourne)
129) Scorpus - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
130) Donkey Magoo - Dom Sheed (West Coast)
131) skam85 - Darcy Fogarty (Adelaide)
132) roo2macca - Tom Papley (Sydney)
133) deaneus - Lachie Plowman (Carlton)
134) Pea Nut - Brayden Fiorini (Gold Coast)
135) Coopers - Wayne Milera (Adelaide)
136) Danger in Texas - Kane Lambert (Richmond)

Round 9

137) Danger in Texas - Jaidyn Stephenson (Collingwood)
138) Coopers - Daniel Rich (Brisbane)
139) Pea Nut - Sam Docherty (Carlton)
140) deaneus - Mitch McGovern (Carlton)
141) roo2macca - Tim English (Western Bulldogs)
142) skam85 - Josh Kennedy (Sydney)
143) Donkey Magoo - Harry McKay (Carlton)
144) Scorpus - Tom Jonas (Port Adelaide)
145) Danger Zone - Jack Zeibell (North Melbourne)
146) FAITH - Dayne Beams (Collingwood)
147) Crow_68 - Jason Johannisen (Western Bulldogs)
148) Pilchard_Adams - Blake Hardwick (Hawthorn)
149) Mego Red - Christian Petracca (Melbourne)
150) 1990crow - Jeremy Howe (Collingwood)
151) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Andrew McGrath (Essendon)
152) ShadeyP - George Hewett (Sydney)
153) Freddy Bassett - Joel Selwood (Geelong)

Round 10

154) Freddy Bassett - Liam Ryan (West Coast)
155) ShadeyP - Brody Mihocek (Collingwood)
156) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Marc Murphy (Carlton)
157) 1990crow - Rhys Stanley (Geelong)
158) Mego Red - Alex Witherden (Brisbane)
159) Pilchard_Adams - Darcy Byrne-Jones (Port Adelaide)
160) Crow_68 - Jack Steven (Geelong)
161) FAITH - Christian Salem (Melbourne)
162) Danger Zone - Dan Houston (Port Adelaide)
163) Scorpus - Jack Steele (St Kilda)
164) Donkey Magoo - David Swallow (Gold Coast)
165) skam85 - Dougal Howard (St Kilda)
166) roo2macca - Ricky Henderson (Hawthorn)
167) deaneus - Tom Rockliff (Port Adelaide)
168) Pea Nut - Sam Taylor (GWS)
169) Coopers - Ed Langdon (Melbourne)
170) Danger in Texas - Luke Ryan (Fremantle)
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Only Way Is Up
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Round 11

171) Danger in Texas - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (Essendon)
172) Coopers - Jarrod Harbrow (Gold Coast)
173) Pea Nut - Tom Phillips (Collingwood)
174) deaneus - Xavier Duursma (Port Adelaide)
175) roo2macca - Jarrod Berry (Brisbane)
176) skam85 - Sam Weideman (Melbourne)
177) Donkey Magoo - Darcy Macpherson (Gold Coast)
178) Scorpus - Tom Lynch (Adelaide)
179) Danger Zone - Aliir Aliir (Sydney)
180) FAITH - Darcy Parish (Essendon)
181) Crow_68 - Jake Stringer (Essendon)
182) Pilchard_Adams - Gryan Miers (Geelong)
183) Mego Red - Charlie Curnow (Carlton)
184) 1990crow - Joel Hamling (Fremantle)
185) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Nick Blakey (Sydney)
186) ShadeyP - Matt Rowell (Gold Coast)
187) Freddy Bassett - Charlie Dixon (Port Adelaide)

Round 12

188) Freddy Bassett - Isaac Smith (Hawthorn)
189) ShadeyP - Tom Clurey (Port Adelaide)
190) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Touk Miller (Gold Coast)
191) 1990crow - Daniel Rioli (Richmond)
192) Mego Red - Brayden Maynard (Collingwood)
193) Pilchard_Adams - Tom Barrass (West Coast)
194) Crow_68 - Jack Lukosius (Gold Coast)
195) FAITH - Ed Curnow (Carlton)
196) Danger Zone - James Harmes (Melbourne)
197) Scorpus - Darcy Gardiner (Brisbane)
198) Donkey Magoo - Tom Doedee (Adelaide)
199) skam85 - Jack Redden (West Coast)
200) roo2macca - Liam Jones (Carlton)
201) deaneus - Sydney Stack (Richmond)
202) Pea Nut - Callan Ward (GWS)
203) Coopers - Bryce Gibbs (Adelaide)
204) Danger in Texas - Sam Reid (Sydney)

Round 13

205) Danger in Texas - Cale Hooker (Essendon)
206) Coopers - David Zaharakis (Essendon)
207) Pea Nut - Jon Patton (Hawthorn)
208) deaneus - Sam Frost (Hawthorn)
209) roo2macca - Ben King (Gold Coast)
210) skam85 - Hugh Greenwood (Gold Coast)
211) Donkey Magoo - Aaron Francis (Essendon)
212) Scorpus - Trent Dumont (North Melbourne)
213) Danger Zone - Ryan Burton (Port Adelaide)
214) FAITH - Josh Caddy (Richmond)
215) Crow_68 - Sam Lloyd (Western Bulldogs)
216) Pilchard_Adams - Sean Darcy (Fremantle)
217) Mego Red - Brandon Ellis (Gold Coast)
218) 1990crow - Luke Dahlhaus (Geelong)
219) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Nathan Wilson (Fremantle)
220) ShadeyP - Oscar McInerney (Brisbane)
221) Freddy Bassett - Alex Pearce (Fremantle)

Round 14

222) Freddy Bassett - Jason Castagna (Richmond)
223) ShadeyP - Jamie Cripps (West Coast)
224) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Bailey Dale (Western Bulldogs)
225) 1990crow - Tom Scully (Hawthorn)
226) Mego Red - Andrew Brayshaw (Fremantle)
227) Pilchard_Adams - Mitch Lewis (Hawthorn)
228) Crow_68 - Esava Ratugolea (Geelong)
229) FAITH - Luke Brown (Adelaide)
230) Danger Zone - Toby Nankervis (Richmond)
231) Scorpus - Lachie Weller (Gold Coast)
232) Donkey Magoo - Cam Rayner (Brisbane)
233) skam85 - Patrick Lipinski (Western Bulldogs)
234) roo2macca - Callum Wilkie (St Kilda)
235) deaneus - Josh Jenkins (Geelong)
236) Pea Nut - Matthew Kreuzer (Carlton)
237) Coopers - Jack Hombsch (Gold Coast)
238) Danger in Texas - Jordan Roughead (Collingwood)

Round 15

239) Danger in Texas - Bailey Smith (Western Bulldogs)
240) Coopers - Liam Shiels (Hawthorn)
241) Pea Nut - Sam Day (Gold Coast)
242) deaneus - Jarman Impey (Hawthorn) - Delisted
243) roo2macca - Lincoln McCarthy (Brisbane)
244) skam85 - Easton Wood (Western Bulldogs)
245) Donkey Magoo - Nic Newman (Carlton)
246) Scorpus - Alex Sexton (Gold Coast)
247) Danger Zone - Zak Jones (St Kilda)
248) FAITH - Oscar Allen (West Coast)
249) Crow_68 - Harry Perryman (GWS)
250) Pilchard_Adams - Darcy Tucker (Fremantle)
251) Mego Red - Jordan Dawson (Sydney)
252) 1990crow - Nick Larkey (North Melbourne)
253) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Orazio Fantasia (Essendon)
254) ShadeyP - Cameron Zurhaar (North Melbourne)
255) Freddy Bassett - Mason Cox (Collingwood)
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Only Way Is Up
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Round 16

256) Freddy Bassett - Jamie Elliott (Collingwood)
257) ShadeyP - Oliver Florent (Sydney)
258) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Zac Fisher (Carlton)
259) 1990crow - Ben Stratton (Hawthorn)
260) Mego Red - Justin Westhoff (Port Adelaide)
261) Pilchard_Adams - Sam Petrevski-Seton (Carlton)
262) Crow_68 - Josh Schache (Western Bulldogs)
263) FAITH - Tim O'Brien (Hawthorn)
264) Danger Zone - Daniel McStay (Brisbane)
265) Scorpus - Bayley Fritsch (Melbourne)
266) Donkey Magoo - Charlie Ballard (Gold Coast)
267) skam85 - Jayden Short (Richmond)
268) roo2macca - Matt de Boer (GWS)
269) deaneus - Paul Seedsman (Adelaide)
270) Pea Nut - Will Hoskin-Elliott (Collingwood)
271) Coopers - Matt Taberner (Fremantle)
272) Danger in Texas - Hamish Hartlett (Port Adelaide)

Round 17

273) Danger in Texas - Dan Hannebery (St Kilda)
274) Coopers - Chayce Jones (Adelaide)
275) Pea Nut - Will Hayward (Sydney)
276) deaneus - Eddie Betts (Carlton)
277) roo2macca - Marley Williams (North Melbourne)
278) skam85 - Sam Jacobs (GWS)
279) Donkey Magoo - Mitch Wallis (Western Bulldogs)
280) Scorpus - Jake Carlisle (St Kilda)
281) Danger Zone - Jy Simpkin (North Melbourne)
282) FAITH - Jake Kelly (Adelaide)
283) Crow_68 - Hayden Crozier (Western Bulldogs)
284) Pilchard_Adams - Dan Butler (St Kilda)
285) Mego Red - Zach Tuohy (Geelong)
286) 1990crow - Shaun Atley (North Melbourne)
287) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Tarryn Thomas (North Melbourne)
288) ShadeyP - Jake Kolodjashnij (Geelong)
289) Freddy Bassett - James Aish (Fremantle)

Round 18

290) Freddy Bassett - Cam Guthrie (Geelong)
291) ShadeyP - Brandon Matera (Fremantle)
292) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Neville Jetta (Melbourne)
293) 1990crow - Connor Blakely (Fremantle)
294) Mego Red - Hunter Clark (St Kilda)
295) Pilchard_Adams - Jack Petruccelle (West Coast)
296) Crow_68 - Ben Ainsworth (Gold Coast)
297) FAITH - Chris Mayne (Collingwood)
298) Danger Zone - Jake Melksham (Melbourne)
299) Scorpus - Patrick Ryder (St Kilda)
300) Donkey Magoo - Anthony Miles (Gold Coast)
301) skam85 - Allen Christensen (Brisbane)
302) roo2macca - Jordan Clark (Geelong)
303) deaneus - Jasper Pittard (North Melbourne)
304) Pea Nut - Sam Menegola (Geelong)
305) Coopers - Shane Savage (St Kilda)
306) Danger in Texas - Jack Bowes (Gold Coast)

Round 19

307) Danger in Texas - Shai Bolton (Richmond)
308) Coopers - Zaine Cordy (Western Bulldogs)
309) Pea Nut - Kade Simpson (Carlton)
310) deaneus - Dylan Roberton (St Kilda)
311) roo2macca - Will Setterfield (Carlton)
312) skam85 - Tom Liberatore (Western Bulldogs)
313) Donkey Magoo - Sam Naismith (Sydney)
314) Scorpus - Michael Hibberd (Melbourne)
315) Danger Zone - Toby McLean (Western Bulldogs)
316) FAITH - Heath Shaw (GWS)
317) Crow_68 - Jed Anderson (North Melbourne)
318) Pilchard_Adams - Marlion Pickett (Richmond)
319) Mego Red - Lewis Jetta (West Coast)
320) 1990crow - Brad Ebert (Port Adelaide)
321) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Tom Langdon (Collingwood)
322) ShadeyP - Jayden Hunt (Melbourne)
323) Freddy Bassett - Liam Duggan (West Coast)

Round 20

324) Freddy Bassett - Ivan Soldo (Richmond)
325) ShadeyP - Blake Acres (Fremantle)
326) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Caleb Marchbank (Carlton)
327) 1990crow - Adam Cerra (Fremantle)
328) Mego Red - Zak Butters (Port Adelaide)
329) Pilchard_Adams - Karl Amon (Port Adelaide)
330) Crow_68 - Todd Marshall (Port Adelaide)
331) FAITH - Majak Daw (North Melbourne)
332) Danger Zone - James Frawley (Hawthorn)
333) Scorpus - Luke Dunstan (St Kilda)
334) Donkey Magoo - Brandan Parfitt (Geelong)
335) skam85 - Matt Suckling (Western Bulldogs)
336) roo2macca - Patrick Ambrose (Essendon)
337) deaneus - Jackson Hately (GWS)
338) Pea Nut - Brayden Sier (Collingwood)
339) Coopers - Reece Conca (Fremantle)
340) Danger in Texas - Jarryn Geary (St Kilda)
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Only Way Is Up
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Round 21

341) Danger in Texas - Mason Redman (Essendon)
342) Coopers - Callum Brown (Collingwood)
343) Pea Nut - Marcus Adams (Brisbane)
344) deaneus - Rory Atkins (Adelaide)
345) roo2macca - Shaun Burgoyne (Hawthorn)
346) skam85 - Noah Anderson (Gold Coast)
347) Donkey Magoo - Riley Bonner (Port Adelaide)
348) Scorpus - Brent Daniels (GWS)
349) Danger Zone - Jack Henry (Geelong)
350) FAITH - Ned McHenry (Adelaide)
351) Crow_68 - Callum Ah Chee (Brisbane)
352) Pilchard_Adams - Quinton Narkle (Geelong)
353) Mego Red - Ed Richards (Western Bulldogs)
354) 1990crow - Callum Sinclair (Sydney)
355) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Stephen Hill (Fremantle)
356) ShadeyP - Hayden Young (Fremantle)
357) Freddy Bassett - Izak Rankine (Gold Coast)

Round 22

358) Freddy Bassett - Jack Graham (Richmond)
359) ShadeyP - Billy Frampton (Adelaide)
360) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Bailey Williams (Western Bulldogs)
361) 1990crow - Luke Davies-Uniacke (North Melbourne)
362) Mego Red - Pearce Hanley (Gold Coast)
363) Pilchard_Adams - Aiden Bonar (North Melbourne)
364) Crow_68 - Fischer McAsey (Adelaide)
365) FAITH - Dylan Stephens (Sydney)
366) Danger Zone - Kyle Langford (Essendon)
367) Scorpus - Nathan Broad (Richmond)
368) Donkey Magoo - Paul Ahern (North Melbourne)
369) skam85 - Cam Ellis-Yolmen (Brisbane)
370) roo2macca - Tory Dickson (Western Bulldogs)
371) deaneus - Noah Answerth (Brisbane)
372) Pea Nut - Mason Wood (North Melbourne)
373) Coopers - Nathan Jones (Melbourne)
374) Danger in Texas - Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)

Round 23

375) Danger in Texas - Griffin Logue (Fremantle)
376) Coopers - Will Brodie (Gold Coast)
377) Pea Nut - Tom Cutler (Essendon)
378) deaneus - Aaron Hall (North Melbourne)
379) roo2macca - Matt Guelfi (Essendon)
380) skam85 - Jack Lonie (St Kilda)
381) Donkey Magoo - Paddy Dow (Carlton)
382) Scorpus - Adam Kennedy (GWS)
383) Danger Zone - Jack Scrimshaw (Hawthorn)
384) FAITH - Kyle Hartigan (Adelaide)
385) Crow_68 - Aaron Vandenberg (Melbourne)
386) Pilchard_Adams - Rory Thompson (Gold Coast)
387) Mego Red - Tom McCartin (Sydney)
388) 1990crow - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
389) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Kamdyn McIntosh (Richmond)
390) ShadeyP - Tom Bellchambers (Essendon)
391) Freddy Bassett - Max King (St Kilda)

Round 24

392) Freddy Bassett - Jarrod Cameron (West Coast)
393) ShadeyP - James Rowbottom (Sydney)
394) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Jimmy Webster (St Kilda)
395) 1990crow - Jack Sinclair (St Kilda)
396) Mego Red - Tom Atkins (Geelong)
397) Pilchard_Adams - Aidan Corr (GWS)
398) Crow_68 - Shaun McKernan (Essendon)
399) FAITH - Lachlan Murphy (Adelaide)
400) Danger Zone - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
401) Scorpus - Jonathon Ceglar (Hawthorn)
402) Donkey Magoo - Liam Baker (Richmond)
403) skam85 - Dom Tyson (North Melbourne)
404) roo2macca - Tom Hickey (West Coast)
405) deaneus - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
406) Pea Nut - Jack Newnes (Carlton)
407) Coopers - Sam Reid (GWS)
408) Danger in Texas - Sam Gray (Sydney)

Round 25

409) Danger in Texas - Mark O'Connor (Geelong)
410) Coopers - Josh Battle (St Kilda)
411) Pea Nut - Charlie Constable (Geelong)
412) deaneus - Jordan Gallucci (Adelaide)
413) roo2macca - Zac Bailey (Brisbane)
414) skam85 - Gary Rohan (Geelong)
415) Donkey Magoo - Sam Switkowski (Fremantle)
416) Scorpus - Ethan Hughes (Fremantle)
417) Danger Zone - Harry Taylor (Geelong)
418) FAITH - Jack Higgins (Richmond)
419) Crow_68 - Isaac Quaynor (Collingwood)
420) Pilchard_Adams - Jamie Macmillan (North Melbourne)
421) Mego Red - Oscar McDonald (Melbourne)
422) 1990crow - Grant Birchall (Brisbane)
423) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Ian Hill (GWS)
424) ShadeyP - Martin Gleeson (Essendon)
425) Freddy Bassett - Peter Ladhams (Port Adelaide)
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Only Way Is Up
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Round 26

426) Freddy Bassett - Luke McDonald (North Melbourne)
427) ShadeyP - Harry Cunningham (Sydney)
428) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Kade Kolodjashnij (Melbourne)
429) 1990crow - Lewis Taylor (Sydney)
430) Mego Red - Nick Coffield (St Kilda)
431) Pilchard_Adams - Tyson Stengle (Adelaide)
432) Crow_68 - David Cunningham (Carlton)
433) FAITH - Jack Silvagni (Carlton)
434) Danger Zone - Alex Neal-Bullen (Melbourne)
435) Scorpus - Taylor Duryea (Western Bulldogs)
436) Donkey Magoo - Lewis Young (Western Bulldogs)
437) skam85 - Caleb Serong (Fremantle)
438) roo2macca - Taylor Garner (North Melbourne)
439) deaneus - Harry Morrison (Hawthorn)
440) Pea Nut - Sam Durdin (North Melbourne)
441) Coopers - Kayne Turner (North Melbourne)
442) Danger in Texas - Lochie O'Brien (Carlton)

Round 27

443) Danger in Texas - Taylin Duman (Fremantle)
444) Coopers - Lewis Melican (Sydney)
445) Pea Nut - Shane Mumford (GWS)
446) deaneus - Marty Hore (Melbourne)
447) roo2macca - John Noble (Collingwood)
448) skam85 - Brandon Starcevich (Brisbane)
449) Donkey Magoo - Nakia Cockatoo (Geelong)
450) Scorpus - Mark Hutchings (West Coast)
451) Danger Zone - Braydon Preuss (Melbourne)
452) FAITH - Dylan Clarke (Essendon)
453) Crow_68 - Kaiden Brand (Sydney)
454) Pilchard_Adams - Jayden Laverde (Essendon)
455) Mego Red - Josh Walker (North Melbourne)
456) 1990crow - Wil Powell (Gold Coast)
457) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - David Mundy (Fremantle)
458) ShadeyP - Jack Ross (Richmond)
459) Freddy Bassett - Riley Knight (Adelaide)

Round 28

460) Freddy Bassett - Steven Motlop (Port Adelaide) - Delisted
461) ShadeyP - Noah Balta (Richmond)
462) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Jake Waterman (West Coast)
463) 1990crow - Ed Vickers-Willis (North Melbourne)
464) Mego Red - Oliver Hanrahan (Hawthorn)
465) Pilchard_Adams - Michael Gibbons (Carlton)
466) Crow_68 - Jye Caldwell (GWS)
467) FAITH - Liam Henry (Fremantle)
468) Danger Zone - Paul Puopolo (Hawthorn)
469) Scorpus - Sam Collins (Gold Coast)
470) Donkey Magoo - Kysaiah Pickett (Melbourne)
471) skam85 - Jack Watts (Port Adelaide)
472) roo2macca - Willem Drew (Port Adelaide)
473) deaneus - Ben Ronke (Sydney)
474) Pea Nut - Ben Jacobs (North Melbourne)
475) Coopers - Jackson Trengove (Western Bulldogs)
476) Danger in Texas - Ben Long (St Kilda)

Round 29

477) Danger in Texas - Lachie Ash (GWS)
478) Coopers - Matthew Parker (St Kilda)
479) Pea Nut - Matt Scharenberg (Collingwood)
480) deaneus - Daniel Lloyd (GWS)
481) roo2macca - Elliott Himmelberg (Adelaide)
482) skam85 - Lachlan Sholl (Adelaide)
483) Donkey Magoo - Charlie Spargo (Melbourne)
484) Scorpus - Miles Bergman (Port Adelaide)
485) Danger Zone - Colin O'Riordan (Sydney)
486) FAITH - Jarrod Brander (West Coast)
487) Crow_68 - Mitch Hibberd (Essendon)
488) Pilchard_Adams - James Cousins (Hawthorn)
489) Mego Red - Rupert Wills (Collingwood)
490) 1990crow - Daniel Venables (West Coast)
491) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Billy Gowers (Western Bulldogs)
492) ShadeyP - Jackson Mead (Port Adelaide)
493) Freddy Bassett - Luke Jackson (Melbourne)

Round 30

494) Freddy Bassett - Will Day (Hawthorn)
495) ShadeyP - Will Gould (Sydney)
496) Drugs Are Bad Mackay? - Nathan Brown (St Kilda)
497) 1990crow - Ben McKay (North Melbourne)
498) Mego Red - Liam Stocker (Carlton)
499) Pilchard_Adams - David Mackay (Adelaide)
500) Crow_68 - Andrew Phillips (Essendon)
501) FAITH - Nathan Vardy (West Coast)
502) Danger Zone - Matt Kennedy (Carlton)
503) Scorpus - Jesse Joyce (Gold Coast)
504) Donkey Magoo - Corey Wagner (Melbourne)
505) skam85 - Will Snelling (Essendon)
506) roo2macca - Nick Hind (St Kilda)
507) deaneus - Kyle Dunkley (Melbourne)
508) Pea Nut - Shane McAdam (Adelaide)
509) Coopers - Brandon Zerk-Thatcher (Essendon)
510) Danger in Texas - Callum Coleman-Jones (Richmond)

Delisting Period

511) deaneus - Jackson Nelson (West Coast) - replacing Jarman Impey (Hawthorn)
512) Freddy Bassett - Ben Davis (Adelaide) - replacing Steven Motlop (Port Adelaide)
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Only Way Is Up
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club

B Tom Jonas - Jake Carlisle - Darcy Gardiner
HB Lachie Weller - Jacob Weitering - Michael Hibberd
C Luke Parker - Jack Steele - Andrew Gaff
HF Tom Lynch - Tom McDonald - Bayley Fritsch
F Luke Breust - Tom Lynch - Alex Sexton
R Patrick Ryder - Tim Taranto - Ben Cunnington

I Trent Dumont - Luke Dunstan - Brent Daniels - Adam Kennedy

E Nathan Broad - Jonathon Ceglar - Ethan Hughes - Taylor Duryea
E Mark Hutchings - Sam Collins - Miles Bergman - Jesse Joyce

1. Tom Lynch (Richmond)
2. Andrew Gaff (West Coast)
3. Tim Taranto (GWS)
4. Ben Cunnington (North Melbourne)
5. Luke Parker (Sydney)
6. Tom McDonald (Melbourne)
7. Jacob Weitering (Carlton)
8. Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
9. Tom Jonas (Port Adelaide)
10. Jack Steele (St Kilda)
11. Tom Lynch (Adelaide)
12. Darcy Gardiner (Brisbane)
13. Trent Dumont (North Melbourne)
14. Lachie Weller (Gold Coast)
15. Alex Sexton (Gold Coast)
16. Bayley Fritsch (Melbourne)
17. Jake Carlisle (St Kilda)
18. Patrick Ryder (St Kilda)
19. Michael Hibberd (Melbourne)
20. Luke Dunstan (St Kilda)
21. Brent Daniels (GWS)
22. Nathan Broad (Richmond)
23. Adam Kennedy (GWS)
24. Jonathon Ceglar (Hawthorn)
25. Ethan Hughes (Fremantle)
26. Taylor Duryea (Western Bulldogs)
27. Mark Hutchings (West Coast)
28. Sam Collins (Gold Coast)
29. Miles Bergman (Port Adelaide)
30. Jesse Joyce (Gold Coast)
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Danger Zone

Club Legend
Aug 20, 2013
AFL Club
Other Teams
Hammarby IF, Toronto Raptors

The Angry Leavers

Ryan Burton - James Frawley - Jack Henry
HB Dan Houston - Aliir Aliir - Zak Jones
C Luke Shuey - Seb Ross - Jaeger O'Meara
HF Jack Ziebell - Taylor Walker - Jy Simpkin
F Jade Gresham - Daniel McStay - Jake Melksham
R Max Gawn - Adam Treloar - Angus Brayshaw

I James Harmes - Toby Nankervis - Toby McLean - Alex Neal-Bullen

E Kyle Langford - Jack Scrimshaw - Levi Casboult - Harry Taylor - Braydon Preuss - Paul Puopolo - Colin O'Riordan - Matthew Kennedy

9 Max Gawn
26 Adam Treloar
43 Luke Shuey
60 Taylor Walker
77 Seb Ross
94 Jaeger O'Meara
111 Jade Gresham
128 Angus Brayshaw
145 Jack Ziebell
162 Dan Houston
179 Aliir Aliir
196 James Harmes
213 Ryan Burton
230 Toby Nankervis
247 Zak Jones
264 Dan McStay
281 Jy Simpkin
298 Jake Melksham
315 Toby McLean
332 James Frawley
349 Jack Henry
366 Kyle Langford
383 Jack Scrimshaw
400 Levi Casboult
417 Harry Taylor
434 Alex Neal-Bullen
451 Braydon Preuss
468 Paul Puopolo
485 Colin O'Riordan
502 Matthew Kennedy
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Danger in Texas

Mar 28, 2011
AFL Club
Other Teams
Reds, Lakers, Gold City, Knights
Langley Falls Bazooka Sharks


Nat Fyfe - Fremantle
Zach Merrett - Essendon
Josh J Kennedy - West Coast
Jake Lloyd - Sydney
Steele Sidebottom - Collingwood
Ben McEvoy - Hawthorn
Lachie Hunter - Western Bulldogs
Kane Lambert - Richmond
Jaidyn Stephenson - Collingwood
Luke Ryan - Fremantle
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - Essendon
Sam Reid - Sydney
Cale Hooker - Essendon
Jordan Roughead - Collingwood
Bailey Smith - Western Bulldogs
Hamish Hartlett - Port Adelaide
Dan Hannebery - St Kilda
Jack Bowes - Gold Coast
Shai Bolton - Richmond
Jarryn Geary - St Kilda
Mason Redman - Essendon
Sam Powell-Pepper - Port Adelaide
Griffin Logue - Fremantle
Sam Gray - Sydney
Mark O'Connor - Geelong
Lochie O'Brien - Carlton
Taylin Duman - Fremantle
Ben Long - St Kilda
Lachie Ash - GWS
Callum Coleman-Jones - Richmond

Best 22:

B: Luke Ryan, Jordan Roughead, Jarryn Geary
HB: Hamish Hartlett, Cale Hooker, Jake Lloyd
C: Steele Sidebottom, Nat Fyfe, Lachie Hunter
HF: Jaidyn Stephenson, Josh J Kennedy, Kane Lambert
F: Shai Bolton, Sam Reid, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
R: Ben McEvoy, Dan Hannebery, Zach Merrett
I/C: Bailey Smith, Jack Bowes, Mason Redman, Sam Powell-Pepper

Reserves: Griffin Logue, Sam Gray, Mark O'Connor, Lochie O'Brien, Taylin Duman, Ben Long, Lachie Ash, Callum Coleman-Jones

Okay, where to start with the Bazooka Sharks, hard to say... oh, other than that we have the best damn player in the comp, Nat Fyfe, on our squad, the best midfielder in the comp who could really be a KPF if he wanted to. If he does in fact float forward, we have some elite midfield depth to cover him, with absolute guns in Zach Merrett, Steele Sidebottom and Lachie Hunter providing a mixture of quality outside run and inside grunt work. I haven't even mentioned Dan Hannebery, who proved when he was healthy this season he is still a top flight midfielder, as well as Bailey Smith, who should have a breakout year. Jack Bowes and Sam Powell-Pepper are some extremely solid depth players to have too, both still young with a lot of room to improve. To top off the centre work, Ben McEvoy, still at the top of his game, will provide excellent service to our top flight midfield.

The forward line is arguably one the most exciting part of the ground for us. As our key pillar we have Josh J Kennedy, still a KPF at the top of his game in a winning side. He's duly complemented by Sam Reid, who finally had a good run of health and showed he isn't just 'Buddy's running mate', but an effective 2nd KPF in his own right. At their feet, we have one of the best small forwards in the game in Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, as well as an up and comer in Shai Bolton who can only improve on a very promising year. The flanks provide a mix of young X-Factor and true reliability in Jaidyn Stephenson and Kane Lambert. The likes of Fyfe, SPP, Smith and Sidebottom can also float forward if needed to great effect.

Our defence consists of some underrated, but truly effective types. Jake Lloyd is the best half back flank in the comp, no ifs or buts. He's duly supported by Hamish Hartlett, who showed some great form in the second half of the year coming off an injury, and Luke Ryan, one of the league's top interceptors who also rebounds very efficiently. If we want to lock down any dangerous small forwards? Have no fear, Saints captain Jarryn Geary will do the job just fine. Finally, our key defenders provide a nice balance of attack out of defence, intercepting and locking down, with the ever reliable Cale Hooker and the hugely improved Jordan Roughead. Mason Redman can also come off the bench to support our defenders, and should also be in for a big year.

Last but not least, our depth consists of a mixture of reliable players who should play 22 games, and youngsters waiting to make an impact, in Logue, Gray, O'Connor, O'Brien, Duman, Long, Ash and Coleman-Jones.

Best team in the comp
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Hall of Famer
Sep 29, 2007
LFC Treble Party 2019-20
AFL Club
Other Teams

B: L.Brown, D.Grimes, J.Kelly
HB: H.Shaw, A.Rance, C.Salem
C: B.Smith,D.Beams, E.Curnow
HF: D.Parish, O.Allen, J.Kelly
F: C.Mayne, S.Lycett, J.Caddy
R: R.O'Brien,J.Viney,R.Sloane
I/C:E. T.O'brien, M.Daw, N.McHenry, D.Stephens, K.Hartigan
L.Murphy, J.Higgins, J.Silvagni, D.Clarke, L.Henry, J.Brander, N.Vardy

10) Josh Kelly (GWS)
25) Alex Rance (Richmond)
44) Rory Sloane (Adelaide)
59) Dylan Grimes (Richmond)
78) Brodie Smith (Adelaide)
93) Reilly O'Brien (Adelaide)
112) Jack Viney (Melbourne)
127) Scott Lycett (Port Adelaide)
146) Dayne Beams (Collingwood)
161) Christian Salem (Melbourne)
180) Darcy Parish (Essendon)
195) Edward Curnow (Carlton)
214) Josh Caddy (Richmond)
229) Luke Brown (Adelaide)
248) Oscar Allen (West Coast)
263) Tim O'Brien (Hawthorn)
282) Jake Kelly (Adelaide)
297) Chris Mayne (Collingwood)
316) Heath Shaw (GWS)
331) Majak Daw (North)
350) Ned McHenry (Adelaide)
365) Dylan Stephens (Sydney)
384) Kyle Hartigan (Crows)
399) Lachlan Murphy (Crows)
418) J.Higgins (Rich)
433) Jack Silvagni (Carlton)
452) Dylan Clarke (Essendon)
467) Liam Henry (Freemantle)
486) Jarrod Brander (West Coast)
501) Nathan Vardy (West Coast)
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Pea Nut

Brownlow Medallist
Jul 9, 2013
AFL Club
DEF:Caleb Daniel, Sam Taylor, Kade Simpson
CHB:Rory Laird, Alex Keath, Sam Docherty
MID: Tom Phillips, Brayden Fiorini, Callan Ward
RUC: Matthew Kreuzer, Patrick Cripps, Tom Mitchell
CHF: Devon Smith, Jon Patton, Isaac Heeney
FWD: Will Hoskin-Elliot, Sam Day, Will Hayward

INT: Sam Menegola, Brayden Sier, Marcus Adams, Mason Wood

EMERG: Tom Cutler, Jack Newnes, Charlie Constable, Sam Durdin, Shane Mumford, Ben Jacobs, Matt Scharenberg, Shane McAdam
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Mego Red

The Artist Formerly Known As Kristof
Oct 3, 2003
The East Coast
AFL Club
Other Teams
Soft spot for Brisbane

The Five Foot Tall Firstrounders

F: Christian Petracca, Josh Bruce, Justin Westhoff
HF: Chad Wingard, Charlie Curnow, Jordan Dawson
C: Bradley Hill, Clayton Oliver, Brandon Ellis
HB: Lachie Whitfield, Jake Lever, Brayden Maynard
B: Alex Witherdon, Oscar McDonald, Zach Tuohy

1st R: Jarrod Witts, Andrew Brayshaw, Jack Billings
INT: Hunter Clark, Lewis Jetta, Zac Butters, Ed Richards

EMERG: Pearce Hanley, Tom McCartin, Tom Atkins, Nick Coffield, Josh Walker, Oliver Hanrahan, Rupert Wills, Liam Stocker
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May 24, 2006
Car 55
AFL Club
Other Teams
Redbacks, Sturt, Liverpool, Arizona
Team Name: Harper's Bizarre

Harper's Bizarre.jpg

F Jordan De Goey | Eric Hipwood | Nick Blakey
HF Bailey Dale | Peter Wright | Michael Walters
C Zac Fisher | Touk Miller | Tarryn Thomas
HB Andrew McGrath | Darcy Moore | Nathan Wilson
B Tom Langdon | Michael Hurley | Neville Jetta
1R Rowan Marshall | Dyson Heppell | Marc Murphy
INT Orazio Fantasia | Caleb Marchbank | Stephen Hill | Bailey Williams
EMERG Kamdyn McIntosh | Jimmy Webster | Ian Hill | David Mundy

SUPP. LIST Kade Kolodjashnij | Jake Waterman | Billy Gowers | Nathan Brown

Glorious team.

Backline has a nice combo of defensive skills and attack/rebound. Few better talls than Hurley and Moore.

Forward line has a few emerging stars Blakey, Hipwood and another player who looks to be hitting his straps Dale. Gilt-edged mid/forward combo of Walters and De Goey the high points. Depth with Fantasia. Only question mark there is Peter Wright. Ovetall a dynamic, varied, balanced forward half.

By the end of the year I think Rowan Marshall will be considered the next challenger to the Grundy/Gawn best ruckman crown.

Would have loved one more quality midfielder. Probably my one real weakness. Strength lies in other areas. My midfield will rely on Zac Fisher and Tarryn Thomas continuing to build and Murphy putting one more season together. Heppell and Miller my bankers. Won't win Brownlows but are quality and will feature high in B&Fs.

Draft picks
1.15 Jordan De Goey (Collingwood)
2.20 Michael Walters (Fremantle)
3.49 Rowan Marshall (St Kilda)
4.54 Michael Hurley (Essendon)
5.83 Darcy Moore (Collingwood)
6.88 Eric Hipwood (Brisbane)
7.117 Dyson Heppell (Essendon)
8.122 Peter Wright (Gold Coast)
9.151 Andrew McGrath (Essendon)
10.156 Marc Murphy (Carlton)
11.185 Nick Blakey (Sydney)
12.190 Touk Miller (Gold Coast)
13.219 Nathan Wilson (Fremantle)
14.224 Bailey Dale (Western Bulldogs)
15.253 Orazio Fantasia (Essendon)
16.258 Zac Fisher (Carlton)
17.287 Tarryn Thomas (North Melbourne)
18.292 Neville Jetta (Melbourne)
19.321 Tom Langdon (Collingwood)
20.326 Caleb Marchbank (Carlton)
21.355 Stephen Hill (Fremantle)
22.360 Bailey Williams (Western Bulldogs)
23.389 Kamdyn McIntosh (Richmond)
24.394 Jimmy Webster (St Kilda)
25.423 Ian Hill (GWS)
26.428 Kade Kolodjashnij (Melbourne)
27.457 David Mundy (Fremantle)
28.462 Jake Waterman (West Coast)
29.491 Billy Gowers (Western Bulldogs)
30.496 Nathan Brown (St Kilda)
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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
DTC Frat House
AFL Club
Other Teams
#Antifa #NZ

The Klimts!


Okay, let's start with the midfielders. Todd Goldstein is one of the top 5 rucks of the past decade and is currently the #7 player in the lague according to AFLPR. Dayne Zorko would be a superstar if he played in Victoria, and Dion Prestia *is* a superstar. In the centre we've got Tom Rockliff, mostly remembered as the AFL Fantasy pig, but still a great director of traffic, and we've got Xavier Duursma (3rd in the 2018 Rising Star) and Paul Seedsman (when he's up, he's excellent) on the wings. In the backline, we've got Lachie Plowman at CHB and Sam Frost at FB, a couple of great KPDs smashing traffic, and we've got luminaries such as Bachar Houli and Jasper Pittard to quarterback this b*tch. Then we've got Jackson Nelson and Sydney "no one wants to draft me but I'll smash it" Stack rounding out the back six. Then we've got something special: the forward line. We've got the Coleman medallist up front in Jeremy Cameron, with Josh Jenkins as the CHF (hey, he's still averaging 2 goals a game and with Geelong understanding forward line transition he'll be in line to kick waaaay more goals this year, plus he gets the 2nd ruck role), along with Mitch McGovern as the third tall/x-factor. Then we've got Eddie Betts as the small forward, with Gary Ablett (!!) and Travis Boak rotating through here and the midfield and more than capable of a bunch of goals themselves (Eddie Betts was 16th in the Coleman, Gary 20th). On the bench we've got Dylan Roberton, who is back from a brain injury, Jackson Hately, who will blossom this year, and Rory Atkins, who is a far better player than the Adelaide board gives him credit for. Lastly in the squad, we have Noah Answerth, Aaron Hall, Cam McCarthy, Jordan Gallucci, Harry Morrison, Marty Hore, Ben Ronke, Daniel Lloyd and Kyle Dunkley, an awesome collection of young talent.

Pick 4 - Jeremy Cameron
Pick 31 - Dayne Zorko
Pick 38 - Dion Prestia
Pick 65 - Travis Boak
Pick 72 - Bachar Houli
Pick 99 - Todd Goldstein
Pick 106 - Gary Ablett
Pick 133 - Lachie Plowman
Pick 140 - Mitch McGovern
Pick 167 - Tom Rockliff
Pick 174 - Xavier Duursma

Pick 201 - Sydney Stack
Pick 208 - Sam Frost
Pick 235 - Josh Jenkins
Pick 242 - Jackson Nelson (Jarman Impey was delisted)
Pick 269 - Paul Seedsman
Pick 276 - Eddie Betts
Pick 303 - Jasper Pittard
Pick 310 - Dylan Roberton
Pick 337 - Jackson Hately
Pick 344 - Rory Atkins
Pick 371 - Noah Answerth
Pick 378 - Aaron Hall
Pick 405 - Cam McCarthy
Pick 412 - Jordan Gallucci
Pick 439 - Harry Morrison
Pick 446 - Marty Hore
Pick 473 - Ben Ronke
Pick 480 - Daniel Lloyd
Pick 507 - Kyle Dunkley
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Premiership Player
Sep 11, 2009
AFL Club

The Abelaide Crows!

You know you are getting good value for your votes when the team you are voting for has a Simpsons themed logo. I could end my sales pitch there, but in true Abe fashion, the story must go on, and on, and on...

This team has it all. Enough speed to make Adelaides coaching staff cry at the thought of facing us, more X factor than Eddie Betts testicles, marking power at both ends, inside and outside mids, Coniglios attractive media-worthy face and perfect hair, 2 hyphenated names, some guy named Quinton, and the ultimate whipping boy to take the heat off anyone else who has a bad game.

While many other drafters plucked dime a dozen mids with their first round selection, I thought it best to start work on the spine, but tick off the ruck department at the same time. So, with Big Bad Bustling Benny Brown on the table at my first (12th) selection, I couldnt say no. 2nd in the Coleman last year, 2nd for goals per game last year, but more interestingle was nearly 6% down on accuracy last season. Kick at 2018s accuracy percentage and the Coleman is his. Should be a lock for AA as well.

With my 2nd selection I thought it best to select a proven player for the middle. Coniglio was still available at 23 so snapped him up. Why? Well with 17 brownlow votes from 14 games (15 played, one he was injured before registering a stat) I may have just picked up a potential brownlow winner with a pick in the 20's.

3rd selection was quite tactical. Mark Blicavs qualifies for a ruck, capping off my ruck requirements. But he is also a quality key defender. I had my eye on Sean Darcy from Fremantle and hoped Darcy would be available mid draft (216), which would allow Blicavs to become my new CHB. Worked a treat. Blicavs is possibly one of the most versatile players in the comp, a true asset to the team here. While Darcy is going to be Freos main ruck this season, and he did very well in his games in 2019.

4th Selection I thought best to add another Quality Key defender just in case Darcy didnt slip down to mid table. Rampe was my pick of the quality defenders left. Previous BnF and AA, 29 years old, could repeat these feats.

From here I decided I wanted to target some of the comps best young players. Sam Walsh, Connor Rozee and James Worpel are all 20 or under, had amazing 2019 seasons and could well feature in the 22 and under team in 2020.

I took a gamble on a few other defenders. Tom Barrass could miss the start of the season but I have adequate cover with the Giants Aiden Corr in the emergencies. Rory Thompson is Gold Coasts number 1 key defender and could line up round 1 after a knee injury.

Byrne Jones and Brad Sheppard provide great run off half back, and Blake Hardwick had an amazing 2019 finishing high in the 2019 Bnf.

My forward line was designed for the modern day game, and speed. I have 2 Key forwards. Ben Brown is a traditional lead up forward, but is no slouch in contested grabs. But Mitchell Lewis is a contested marking beast in the making. 2.25 contested grabs per game, and 20 goals in 12 games last season. He is a forward of the future. Around my twin towers I have placed speed, agility, freakish talents and goal kicking smalls in Dan Butler, Connor Rozee, Gyran Miers and Jack Petrucelle. Good luck stopping them all. Plus 3 of the 4 are under 21 or under. I think Gyran Miers was a steal at 182, and Dan Butler could be a 35-40 goal a year forward at the saints with pick 284. Quinton Narkle provides a bit of bench relief, and Tyson Stengle and Jayden Laverde are more than adequate emergency options for forward line cover.

Marlon Pickett was an interesting gamble. The bloke dominated in the Vic state comp in his half a dozen or so games, and nearly won the Norm Smith on Grand Final day. Could be an absolute steal at 318.

I believe every calculated risk I have taken has backup options on the bench or in the emergency department. This team is a well balanced team full of players set to rise in the player rankings and into BnF positions, as well as have legitimate Brownlow (Coniglio), Coleman (Brown), AA (Rampe, Blicavs, Byrne Jones, Sheppard, Coniglio, Worpel, Walsh) chances. I also have around 8 candidates for the AA under 22 team, and starting 22 positions for players from Geelong, Richmond, WC and GWS, the teams favoured for the 2020 Premiership.

FB:Tom Barrass, Dane Rampe, Blake Hardwick
HB: Darcy Byrne-Jones, Mark Blicavs, Brad Sheppard
C: Sam Petrevski-Seton, Stephen Coniglio, Darcy Tucker
HF: Connor Rozee, Mitchell Lewis, Gyran Miers
FF: Dan Butler, Ben Brown, Jack Petrucelle
Ruck: Sean Darcy, James Worpel, Sam Walsh

INT: Marlion Pickett, Karl Amon, Quinton Narkle, Rory Thompson

EMERGENCY: Aiden Bonar, Aiden Corr, Jamie MacMillan, Tyson Stengle, Jayden Laverde, Michael Gibbons, James Cousins, David Mackay

12. Ben Brown (Norf)
23. Stephen Coniglio (GWS)
46. Mark Blicavs (Geelong)
57. Dane Rampe (Sydney)
80. James Worpel (Hawthorn)
91. Sam Walsh (Carlton)
114. Connor Rozee (Port)
125. Brad Sheppard (West Coast)
148. Blake Hardwick (Hawthorn)
159. Darcy Byrne-Jones (Port)
182. Gyran Miers (Geelong)
193. Tom Barrass (West Coast)
216. Sean Darcy (Fremantle)
227. Mitchell Lewis (Hawthorn)
250. Darcy Tucker (Fremantle)
261. Sam Petrevski-Seton (Carlton)
284. Dan Butler (St Kilda)
295. Jack Petrucelle (West Coast)
318. Marlion Pickett (Richmond)
329. Karl Amon (Port)
352. Quinton Narkle (Geelong)
363. Aiden Bonar (North Melbourne)
386. Rory Thompson (Gold Coast)
397. Aiden Corr (GWS)
420. Jamie MacMillan (North Melbourne)
431. Tyson Stengle (Adelaide)
454. Jayden Laverde (Essendon)
465. Michael Gibbons (Carlton)
488. James Cousins (Hawthorn)
499. David MacKay (Adelaide)
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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 31, 2009
AFL Club
1990crow reserve

Pick 14 - Marcus Bontempelli
Pick 21 - Tom Hawkins
Pick 48 - Toby Greene
Pick 55 - Matt Crouch
Pick 82 - Trent Cotchin
Pick 89 - Steven May
Pick 116 - Jesse Hogan
Pick 123 - Jared Polec
Pick 150 - Jeremy Howe
Pick 157 - Rhys Stanley
Pick 184 - Joel Hamling
Pick 191 - Daniel Rioli
Pick 218 - Luke Dahlhaus
Pick 225 - Tom Scully
Pick 252 - Nick Larkey
Pick 259 - Ben Stratton
Pick 286 - Shaun Atley
Pick 293 - Connor Blakely
Pick 320 - Brad Ebert
Pick 327 - Adam Cerra
Pick 354 - Callum Sinclair
Pick 361 - Luke Davies-Uniacke
Pick 388 - Josh Thomas
Pick 395 - Jack Sinclair
Pick 422 - Grant Birchall
Pick 429 - Lewis Taylor
Pick 456 - Will Powell
Pick 463 - Ed Vickers-Willis
Pick 490 - Daniel Venables
Pick 497 - Ben McKay

FB: B.Stratton | J.Hamling | J.Howe
HB: S.Atley | S.May | C.Blakely
C: T.Scully | M.Bontempelli | J.Polec
R: R.Stanley | M.Crouch | T.Cotchin
HF: T.Greene | J.Hogan | J.Thomas
FF: N.Larkey | T.Hawkins | D.Rioli
B: B.Ebert | A.Cerra | L.Dahlhaus | L.Davies-Uniacke

Em: C.Sinclair, J.Sinclair, G.Birchall, L.Taylor, W.Powell, E.Vickers-Willis, D.Venables, B.McKay
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Hall of Famer
Jan 18, 2009
I Don't Know
AFL Club
Other Teams
Chelsea, Sturt
B: Marley Williams Daniel Talia Callum Wilkie
HB: Zac Williams Liam Jones Shannon Hurn
C: Ricky Henderson Dustin Martin Jordan Clark
HF: Matt de Boer Ben King Shane Edwards
F: Lincoln McCarthy Jack Riewoldt Tom Papley
Foll: Tim English Jacob Hopper Jarrod Berry
I/C: Matt Guelfi Will Setterfield Patrick Ambrose Shaun Burgoyne
EMG: Taylor Garner Tom Hickey Zac Bailey

Tory Dickson
John Noble
Willem Drew
Elliott Himmelberg
Nick Hind

#5: Dustin Martin
#30: Jack Riewoldt
#39: Shannon Hurn
#64: Daniel Talia
#73: Zac Williams
#98: Jacob Hopper
#107: Shane Edwards
#132: Tom Papley
#141: Tim English
#166: Ricky Henderson
#175: Jarrod Berry
#200: Liam Jones
#209: Ben King
#234: Callum Wilkie
#243: Lincoln McCarthy
#268: Matt de Boer
#277: Marley Williams
#302: Jordan Clark
#311: Will Setterfield
#336: Patrick Ambrose
#345: Shuan Burgoyne
#370: Tory Dickson
#379: Matt Guelfi
#404: Tom Hickey
#413: Zac Bailey
#438: Taylor Garner
#447: John Noble
#472: Willem Drew
#481: Elliott Himmelberg
#506: Nick Hind
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Premiership Player
Jul 1, 2017
AFL Club
FF : C.Cameron ......... J.Finlayson ......... O.McInerney
HF : C.Zurhaar............ B.Mihocek .......... J.Cripps
C : H.McCluggage ....... J.Macrae ............ O.Florent
HB : C.Mills ................ T.Clurey ............ H.Young
FB : N.Vlastuin ............ R.Tarrant ........... J.Hunt
R : T.Bellchambers ....... D.Shiel ............. M.Rowell

IC : G.Hewett .... B.Matera .... J.Rowbottom ... H.Cunningham

EMC : J.Ross .. J.Kolodjashnij .. .. B.Acres

DTH : M.Gleeson .. N.Balta .. J.Mead .. W.Gould .. B.Frampton

16) Jack Macrae
19) Charlie Cameron
50) Dylan Shiel
53) Hugh McCluggage
84) Robbie Tarrant
87) Jeremy Finlayson
118) Nick Vlastuin
121) Callum Mills
152) George Hewett
155) Brody Mihocek
186) Matt Rowell
189) Tom Clurey
220) Oscar McInerney
223) Jamie Cripps
254) Cameron Zurhaar
257) Oliver Florent
288) Jake Kolodjashnij
291) Brandon Matera
322) Jayden Hunt
325) Blake Acres
356) Hayden Young
359) Billy Frampton
390) Tom Bellchambers
393) James Rowbottom
424) Marty Gleeson
427) Harry Cunningham
458) Jack Ross
461) Noah Balta
492) Jackson Mead
495) Will Gould
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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 23, 2007
AFL Club
Coopers Team:



Here's my team. In summary, you should vote for this team because it's better than every other one out there.
A hard pill to swallow I know, but it is. I mean really. Do a line by line comparison.

Put your midfield up against mine. Look at that line with Crouch, Duncan, Wines being fed by Grundy. Wowzers.
Outside mids of the highest quality also in rotation on the outside.

Look at that spine as well. Pretty much the #1 choice for real AFL teams in those positions. I've even got Hombsch as a 3rd tall defender, which is his proper position (looking at you gold coast). Similar to up forward: with Membrey kicking 44 goals last year - and he's 3rd tall in this line up (his real position, looking at you saints).
For runners, we have an ability to switch Gibbs, Milera and Rich through the running half back slots and rotate up to half forward. Through the mids as needed. Quality, Quality Quality right there.
Smaller defender and forward roles again filled with guaranteed best 22 players.
I put one tall on the bench (Cordy) but looking at the depth list I could have filled that spot with a range of talls that are getting squeezed out of my side. Look at that list.

So, vote for coopers, or I'll shank you.

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Club Legend
Oct 15, 2005
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Other Teams
Crow_68 placeholder.

On iPad using mobile app

Pick 11: Tim Kelly (WCE)
Pick 24: Jack Darling (WCE)
Pick 45: Nick Haynes (GWS)
Pick 58: Tom Stewart (GEE)
Pick 79: Taylor Adams (COLL)
Pick 92: Adam Tomlinson (MEL)
Pick 113: Rory Lobb (FREO)
Pick 126: Mitch Robinson (BNE)
Pick 147: Jason Johanissen (WB)
Pick 160: Jack Steven (GEE)
Pick 181: Jake Stringer (ESS)
Pick 194: Jack Lukosius (GCS)
Pick 215: Sam Lloyd (WB)
Pick 228: Esava Ratugolea (GEE)
Pick 249: Harry Perryman (GWS)
Pick 262: Josh Schache (WB)
Pick 283: Hayden Crozier (WB)
Pick 296: Ben Ainsworth (GCS)
Pick 317: Jed Anderson (NM)
Pick 330: Todd Marshall (PA)
Pick 351: Callum Ah Chee (BNE)
Pick 364: Fischer McAsey (ADE)
Pick 385: Aaron Vandenberg (MEL)
Pick 398: Shaun McKernan (ESS)
Pick 419: Isaac Quaynor (COLL)
Pick 432: David Cuningham (CARL)
Pick 453: Kaiden Brand (SYD)
Pick 466: Jye Caldwell (GWS)
Pick 487: Mitch Hibberd (ESS)
Pick 500: Andrew Phillips (ESS)

B: Tom Stewart - Nick Haynes - Hayden Crozier
HB:Jason Johanissen -Jack Lukosius - Adam Tomlinson
C: Jack Steven - Taylor Adams- Jye Caldwell
HF: Jake Stringer - Esava Ratugolea - Ben Ainsworth
F: Sam Lloyd - Jack Darling - Harry Perryman
R: Rory Lobb - Mitch Robinson- Tim Kelly
INT:David Cuningham - Todd Marshall - Jed Anderson - Shaun McKernan

EM: Aaron Vandenberg - Fischer McAsey - Isaac Quaynor - Callum Ah Chee - Kaiden Brand - Mitch Hibberd - Andrew Phillips-Josh Schache
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Freddy Bassett

Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 2, 2005
At Work
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Other Teams
Freddy Bassett

pick 17

1. Yeo
2. McGovern
3. Daniher
4. Naughton
5. Crisp
6. McKenna
7. Saad
8. J.Martin
9. J.Selwood
14. A.Pearce
15. Mason Cox
16. Jamie Elliott
18. Aish
19. Duggan
20. I.Soldo
22. I.Rankine
24. J.cameron
25. L. McDonald
26. P. Ladhams
27. Motlop ( delisted )
28. Knight
29. Luke Jackson
30. Will Day
31. Ben Davis

L.Ryan Naughton. Cox

Castagna Daniher. J.Elliot

I.Smith Yeo. J.Martin

Saad McGovern. McKenna

Crisp A.Pearce. Duggan

I.Soldo. J.Selwood. Guthrie

Dixon. Aish J.Graham L.Mcdonald
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Aug 21, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Wigan, Hornets, Kimi Raikkonen


B:Jayden ShortDavid AstburyEaston Wood
James SicilyDougal HowardMatt Suckling
C:Josh Kennedy (SYD)Josh DunkleyJack Redden
Hugh GreenwoodJack GunstonSam Weideman
F:Patrick LipinskiDarcy FogartyJack Lonie
R:Stefan MartinPatrick DangerfieldJarryd Lyons
INT:Sam JacobsCam Ellis-YolmenLachlan ShollAllan Christensen
EM:Noah AndersonTom LiberatoreDom TysonWill Snelling
Caleb SerongJack WattsBrandon StarcevichGary Rohan
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